May 10, 2010

My favourite TV shows 3.5/5

'My favourite TV shows' series continues with the first one of the two sharing the second place. I need to post these separately, because I've been arm-wrestling with technology for a couple of hours now, and I had to give up because I'm loosing my nerves and I'd like to eat today, too. Some day I'll learn all the secrets of IT and then I'll show my laptop who's the damn boss here! The revenge will be oh so sweet.

2. (part 1/2) Glee

I always assumed Glee would be annoying. It sounded a bit too much like High School Musical. (Don't get me wrong, though, I have a soft spot for that cheesy, corny Disney rubbish. And "a soft spot" is actually an understatement... I dare say that I could pretty much sing along with all the songs from all three movies. Please don't hold it against me, I was in a serious need of brainless, feel-good, happy-ending-guaranteed-every-time entertainment one winter. Everybody all for one our real summer has just began let's rock and roll let's just let go feel the rhythm of the drums we're gonna have fun in the sun PLEASE STOP ME NOW BEFORE I WRITE THE WHOLE FREAKING SONG HERE, BELIEVE ME I COULD. Anyway.) I watched the first episode (of Glee, in case you forgot what I was talking about) as a test and loved it! It is sort of like High School Musical, but an un-Disney-fied (yes, just created another word for English language...) version of it. Unlike in HSM universe, in Glee things such as sex actually exist.

Glee is about a high school club, consisting mostly of underdogs and losers, who get together to sing and dance. There's a wide range of interesting individuals in the club, from a desperate wannabe-superstar and a popular footballer to a gay guy with a huge attitude and a cheerleader who thinks dolphins are gay sharks. I love the musical numbers on the show! They sing both recent pop hits and golden oldies. Once again I wish I could sing and dance. I mean I can, of course, but not in a very beautiful way (doesn't stop me from singing karaoke with full power and embarrassing myself on the dance floor, though).

Meet Kurt Hummel, my favourite character. He asks the bullies to hold his Gucci bag while he's being thrown into the rubbish bin. He can reach higher notes than most of the girls. He's madly in love with the club's football star. He does the awesome hair flip. He dances like Beyonce. Or, well, if not quite like her, he gets close.

A favourite quote:
"Kurt? I'm a woman who knows her solvents and your breath smells like rubbing alcohol."
"Oh Bambi. I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mummy."

I also have to mention the cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester, played briliantly by Jane Lynch. She's one of the best baddies on TV! She's so brutally honest and openly manipulative and nasty. She has the best lines. And then there's this sweeter side to her, which for some reason doesn't feel out of place at all. I would also like to see the insides of her wardrobe and check if there's anything else in there than those sweatsuits in every colour in the world.

Pretty much everything that Sue says is an instant classic, but here are two fine examples:

Sue: "Iron tablet? It keeps your strenght up while you're menstruating."
Will: "I don't menstruate."
Sue: "Yeah, neither do I."

The other one.

And of course every "You thinks that's hard? Try (insert something that's harder here). THAT'S hard!" is brilliant.

I hope at some point Glee will make it's way to Finland, too. Then we can all embrace our inner losers!

I might post the other one today, too. Anything to avoid school work... Now. FOOD.

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