Jun 3, 2012

Lilja 4-ever (with a pinch of Jedward)

I finally made myself watch Lilja 4-ever. People have been saying I should see it for, well, forever, but I'm not good with films that are depressing. I love movies because the make me feel happy and forget all the real problems of the real world, and I usually only tolerate horribly sad films if they are documentaries, or called Schindler's List. And yes, I had to stop to relieve myself of the anxiety the story caused me, both in the middle of the film and after it, but of course it was a good one and I'm glad I finally watched it. But the pain of the world is heavy on one pair of shoulders, ever if they are unproportionately broad for a lady (and mine are).

Luckily my newly-found happy pill has so many videos uploaded on YouTube that it is impossible to watch all of them, which means I have found an inexhaustible source of happiness and I don't ever have to worry about human trafficking again, because I can always just watch the tongue video and forget all about all things evil! (Or even better, the one with the banana eating.) Hah, okay, seriously now. There is a good moment for Weltschmerz, but such moment is not in the middle of the night. In the middle of the night is a good moment for happy thoughts, denial and keeping your mind off of bad things, and thus, Jedward.

Sigh. You start writing a post, thinking you know what you're writing about, and end up writing about something quite beautifully beside the point. Oh well!