May 18, 2010

Almost Famous

I did some more chages to my blog, again. I suppose I keep doing these little adjustments until I find something that both works and pleases my eye more than a week. Ha. Might be a challenge!
June is in two weeks and I still have unpleasantly much school work to finnish before that. Most of which I could've done earlier, but of course it's much nicer to do it now, with the sunny weather and all. Hmh. Too bad. But there's always time for a film, even if there really wasn't.

Almost Famous (2000)

Directed by Cameron Crowe. Starring Patrick Fugit, Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand, Jason Lee, Philip Seymor Hoffman.
Long story short: The 15-year-old Will is given a chance to write a story for Rolling Stone magazine about a rock band called Still water. He goes to a tour with them and meets Penny Lane, a charming groupie in love with one of the members of the band.
Yes, this was the first time I saw this film. I didn't even really know what it would be about and in the beginning I was a little worried, because rock 'n' roll isn't exactly my are of expertise.
The leading character Will is quite sweet. Though it bothered me how much he looks like a friend of mine! Seriously, they have exactly the same jaw. Anyway, he is very likable and I was rooting for him, like the viewer was supposed to, so, a successful character. Kate Hudson's Penny, who refuses to tell anyone her real name, is alright too. The hair is nice and she looks pretty. But again something bothered me! She looks almost exactly like she does today, and definitely older, a lot older, than the actor playing Will, so it felt a bit weird to watch those romantic vibes between them. How old was she supposed to be, anyway, really?
I think the best character was Frances McDormand as Will's fussy mom. I also liked Phillip Seymor Hoffman's brief appearance as the veteran rock journalist. Zooye Deschannel looked young and plump, but her voice helped me identify her. Russell's actor looked so familiar, but I couldn't place him until I cheated and checked his IMDb page and he was in Big Fish. Of course!

My favourite scene was probably the airplane thingy towards the end. It wasn't exactly pleasant to watch for someone like me who strongly dislikes flying, but it was well-written and the ending was pretty funny.

All in all, Almost Famous was an okay movie. My ignorance about rock music didn't really hurt, but I suppose if I had more knowledge about the period, the movie could've had some nostalgic value. Some parts of the film were very sweet and enjoyable to watch, but still I ended up glancing at the clock to see when it would end. I kind of understand  the love some people have towards this movie, but for me it was merely worth watching once, but no need to see it again.

"Your mom kinda freaks me out."

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