May 4, 2010

My favorite TV shows 2/5

Oh god. Lost is back from the hiatus and my Wednesday mornings are back to normal. The new episode was very very VERY good. I also cried my eyes out. Thank god for waterproof mascara. Only four hours left. I don't know what I will do when it's over. Seriously! Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

And now, another fruit of my overflowing love of lists. TV shows are so closely related to movies in my mind, that I think I can get away with writing about them in my movie blog, hmm?

So here you are, the first two (or three, actually) of my top 5 favorite TV shows! (I can't post them all at once, that entry would make my computer explode or something...) When I'll get to number one, Lost will be over and I'll write a MONSTERous ten MILES long entry about the best TV show in the history of ALL THE UNIVERSES that ever existed.

(Okay, get your head together, girl.)

5. Skins (seasons 1-2) / Prison Break (seasons 1-2)

I made these two share the fifth place, because I only like two seasons of them both. (And I didn't want to leave either of them out... That would've been unfair!)

I just recently watched the first two seasons of Skins, and I just loved what I saw! Before that I had seen the third season - it has different characters. I like Generation One SO MUCH MORE, and I don't think I can watch the fourth season very soon, because I would just miss the good old gang. Skins is about teenagers living is Bristol, England. They mostly party, get high and make out with each other. And some other things, too. Skins is very funny, and very entertaining. I grew to like so many of the characters so much, and I really cared what happened to them. I don't think I've ever cried watching a TV show like I did during the last episode of season two. God, my heart still hasn't totally recovered! At those moments a small voice in the back of your head mumbles: "For god's sake, girl, these are fictional characters!" (And I sream back: "I don't bloody care, it's so bloody sad!")

So why is Skins only number five? In addition to liking only the first two seasons, some of the episodes are remarkably weaker than others. Like when Tony goes to an adventure to that college... that was just weird.

Say hello to my favorite character! There's no doubt about this one. Chris is awesome. He was my favorite ever since the first Chris-centric episode, when he showed that other side of himself. I just fell in love with this guy! He offers some of the best humour in the show, and the best storylines. I just adore his carefree attitude and the fearless way of life. And his clothes. I would've loved to much more of him, he was left in the background too often.

Favorite quote:
"Fuck it."

The other number 5 show, then. Season 1 of Prison Break was just pure gold, second one was pretty good, third one was unnecessary and fourth one was just painful to watch. (I watched it anyway. I needed to know how it would finnish, having seen all the other seasons.) What I loved in season one was, first of all, the setting. Fox River was just awesome. Second, Michael's tattoos. And that he had to take his shirt off so often. Third, the characters. Back when they were interesting and likeable. (I just stopped caring about them somewhere in season 3.) Fourth, it was genuinely exciting! The episodes always ended in awesome cliffhangers, and you really couldn't guess how they would get out of trouble this time. It was a great show, shame about the last seasons. In season two they killed so many good characters, it just wasn't fun anymore.

Anyway, my favorite character has to be Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell. Why? He is just so thoroughly disgusting character! I love to hate him.

"Before I destroyed it, I committed the map to my photographic memory."
"Coming from a compulsive liar I find that a little hard to believe.""I'd a tattooed it to my body, but I didn't have the time."

4. The O.C.

The O.C. is brainless entertainment. It is a guilty pleasure. It's so disgustingly American that it's almost too much to handle. It also lost some of it's charm after two seasons. And still... I kind of love it! It really is so freaking funny at times! Some of the dialogue is almost legendary. The sex talk between Sandy and Seth, my god... It also makes fun of itself - about how all the people living in Orange County are divinely beautiful and how they have these idiotically glamorous parties all the time. One of the weirdest (and also best) episodes is that alternative universe thingy from season four. At that point it was only refreshing!

No doubt about the best character. Seth Cohen is my favorite fictional geek! His sarcasm is maybe the biggest reason I like the show. Him and Summer are one of my favorite TV couples. There are too many best lines, but I chose this one, because it just captures the essence of Seth Cohen:

"Sometimes I think you talk just to make noise."
"Well, sometimes I do."

I though about changing the layout of my blog. It might be a bit early for it, since I created it less than two weeks ago, but I get bored easily, ha ha. No, really I just want to make it work better. Although I like how my blog looks like at the moment, like the brown background that matches both on the name of the blog and my profile picture, it's beginning to look a bit too crowded, now that I added some more stuff to the sidebar. I should learn how to use that HTML code thingy. Hmm, I guess I add that on my infinite "What I should do" -list. Well, we'll see what I get done without those skills.

Edit// I realised that I still have four favorite shows and only three places to fill. Well. I have to make them share.


Eve said...

Oooh, I loved the two first seasons of Skins too! But you're right, some of the episodes were weak, and I didn't really like the college episode either. But I did love Tony's accident and seeing him get better! I haven't watched these since they came out in Finland (even though I saw them on DVD then too).

Prison Break is my brother's favorite TV-show (because I promised not to tell anyone that he loves Salatut Elämät) and I loved the first season too. I've started watching the second one twice, but I just can't get through more than one or two episodes...

I also liked The O.C. when it was on TV, but pretty much just the first season. I never watched the last two. And I loved Seth!

Can't wait to see the last four on your list :) I should write these kind of lists too, seems fun!

Btw, there's an award for you in my blog!

(Coding web-sites is the best! If I had time I'd change the layout of my blog way more often :D)

Ps. I've now realized that I might write waaay too long comments!

Eeva said...

Ooh yes, I liked Tony so much more on season 2, he was just too much of an a-hole before the accident. I really felt bad for him!

Haha, I think deep down inside every Finn there is a soft spot for Salatut Elämät! Mine is VERY deep down, but I think it's still there...

My problem is, I can't stop watching a show if I've started watching it regularly! Even if I didn't like it so much anymore. This happened with Prison Break and The O.C. and it's kind of happening again with Flashforward... Aargh. :D

Oh and that award really brightened up my evening, thanks so much! :)

(And there's no such thing as a too long comment!)