May 7, 2010

My favorite TV shows 3/5 + a wise investment

Yesterday I sat in front of my laptop for half a decade (or that's what it felt like, though I think the more accurate guess would be three hours) and changed the layout of my blog. There was blood, sweat and a few tears, but in the end I stood up as a winner, I overcame the obstacles, I kicked my laptop's ass! And all that without a bazooka. Ha! I still think I should learn that fine art of coding, but considering I haven't yet, I'm pretty satisfied with the result. The star of my blog is now River Phoenix, because I freaking LOVE that picture ja Stand by Me is on TV this weekend. God, he just can't take a bad picture, can he? ...Couldn't take a bad picture, could he... Eer. Yes. I can't use the past tense correctly when it comes to River.

So, to the main event or something! I had some problems trying to rank these remaining TV shows in a fair and truthful way... Oh well. Sorry Grey, you've been chosen to be number 3!

3. Grey's Anatomy

At the moment Grey's Anatomy is stuck somewhere in the middle of season six. I actually don't know if they're currently even shooting new material. Hopefully they'll finnish season six with dignity (...) and then we'll say goodbye to Seattle Grace, because Grey has definitely lived past its golden age.

Now, let's look back to that golden age that was once upon a time when George was still alive and had some decent storylines, too. Back in season one I was fanatically following four shows: The O.C., Prison Break, Grey and Lost. Those good old days, I had something to look forward to every weekday! I remember watching the first teasers on TV and liking it even then. Oh and yes, I've had a lot of fun with Grey's Anatomy over these years - and tears, too, god yes, a lot of tears. I love the humour in this show, too, it's different from The O.C. and definitely not like Skins humour, but it's kind of sweet and yet edgy.

I like many of the characters, Izzie, Dr. Bailey, and Lexie of the newer faces, but there is only one number one and that's our very own George O'Malley. At my weakest moments I remember wanting him to be a real person so I could marry him. Ha ha. Well, I could still marry him, couldn't say no. George is so SWEET and cute and sympathetic and I'd always just want to give him a biiiiiig hug. I loved the little romance between him and Izzie and their friendship was always so adorable.

During the fifth season he didn't get good storylines, I suppose because there was some personal problems behind the scenes (earlier they had written Burke off the show, because the actor was slightly homophobic and didn't get along with T.R. Knight, who plays George). I guess that's why they also killed George off. Oh god, that was a SHOCK. When I watched that episode, I had an entrance exam to a university the next day, and I didn't sleep well at all because I was so shocked about George. (I bet that's why I didn't get in. Grey's fault, I'm positive.) But dear god, I never saw that coming! It was a shame that he had to go, but at least he left the stage with style! When George died, my interest towards Grey's Anatomy kind of died too. We had so many great moments with everyone's favorite 007, but here's one, from the golden age of Grey's Anatomy.

Meredith: "Where are the tampons?"
Izzie: "He didn't buy them."
Meredith: "You didn't buy them?"
George: "Men don't buy tampons!"
Izzie: "You know what? You're gonna have to get over the whole man thing, George! We're women! We have vaginas! Get used to it!"
George: "I am not your sister!"

That wonderful weather we have today is not very good for this movie watching business. Also my sister is visiting me today and tomorrow I get to babysit my lovely wonderful (almost) one-year-old nephew! But there's always time for a movie, and if there isn't, I'll make some time.

Oh and I went shopping today! Me and my friend went through basically every shop in town, but only thing I found was this. Only 10 € from Anttila! Ooooooh yeah! Now I can once again enjoy Brad Pitt's glorious "Italian" accent. Hahahaha. That has to be the best moment in the whole movie. Maybe even the best moment in Brad Pitt's entire career. (Although that "old" babyface Benjamin Button was a pretty nice moment too. Oh yes, thank you, special effects. That was just dreamy. I remember watching it for the first time... I think I didn't blink once when that gorgeous "young" man was on screen. And there might have been some drool dribbling down my chin, because I'd forgotten to close my mouth. Oooooh yes. Why can't you really age backwards? ... I clearly need to watch Benjamin Button once again.)


Eve said...

Oooh, I love the Italian accent sequence! I've never watched Grey's Anatomy, though, so I can't really comment on that.

The new layout looks great! Grey is a perfect choice and I looooove that picture of River <3

Eeva said...


Yeah, that picture is just adorable. In most pictures he's so serious. (Looking insanely good in those, too, of course...)