Nov 15, 2010

My TOP 5 favourite women in Hollywood today

Because I'm shamelessly female and probably never get totally over my passionate fangirl-ism, I tend to write about male actors more than it would probably be healthy. And as much as I adore my RDJ, River Phoenix, Sam Rockwell, Andrew Garfield and James McAvoy, of course, I thought I could for once leave all the testosterone out of a post and concentrate in the gorgeous, beautiful, talented, AWESOME ladies of Hollywood. Because, thank god, they're not all meganfoxes there. Here are the best of the best!

5. Keira Knightley

She kicked some pirate ass in The Pirates of the Caribbean, she was nominated for an Oscar for potraying Elizabeth Bennet in The Pride and Prejudice, she sweeped James McAvoy off his feet in that oh-so-gorgeous green dress in Atonement, she bent it like Beckham, she was cute as a button eating banoffee pie in Love Actually, she was a face of a Channel fragrance... and she's only just 25! Next I'm looking forward to seeing her in Never Let Me Go, alongside Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan.

FAVOURITE ROLE: I'm biased, yeah, but the only honest answer here is Atonement. She might not always be the biggest chracter actress, but she worked excelently together with the awesomeness also knows as James McAvoy. (No testosterone... Right. I'll shut up now.)

4. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is the brain of Hollywood. She's always seemed so smart and sensible, staying away from the crazy partyscene and thus the tabloids. And good for her! Majority of people probably know her best as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequels... Not so good for her. But anyone who's seen her in Closer, Léon, V for Vendetta or Brothers, for example, knows she's capabale of much more than just that horribly corny 'Anakin you're breaking my heart, boo hoo' melodrama. I also have a certain admiration for anyone who shaves her head and still manages to look outstandingly beautiful.

FAVOURITE ROLE: The red-headed, wild, mysterious, erratic what's-her-name in Closer. The upcoming Black Swan might challenge that, though...

3. Marion Cotillard

When I think about the French actress, one of the first things coming to mind is her little speech about/to Kate Winslet in the Oscars a few years back. It was one of those 'previous Oscar winners talk about the year's nominees' thingys, that easily are awkward, unnatural and corny, but she sounded so sincere making it really touching. Other than that, she did a role of a lifetime as Edith Piaf, which also made her well-known among international audiences, too, fortunately! She was a rare bright spot (not literally, though) in Nine and releaved another side of herself in Inception. I'm exited to see what she is yet to accomplish in the future, which surely will be bright for her!

FAVOURITE ROLE: The unexpectedly evil memory of Leo's wife in Inception. Who knew she can be so creepy.

2. Meryl Streep

There's not anough space. Well. 16 Oscar nominations. Been married for like 30 years. Funny (those accents in the end...). Gets older in a NORMAL, natural way. And still looks splendidly beautiful. Is a great role model. I've often said I want to be Meryl Streep when I grow up. Who wouldn't? She just seems to have it all together, but in an admirable way, not in a way that makes you jealous. Because she is so humble and sweet and genuine. She's a freaking godess!

FAVOURITE ROLE: Tough one. I have yet to see embarrasingly many of her older movies. I should make it another official project. Well, I'm not going to be entirely obvious, so I won't say Mamma Mia!, but I'll go for another silly answer - The Devil Wears Prada. Because she is just colder that ice in that one.

1. Kate Winslet

Oh, Kate. The lovely Kate. No adjective describes her better. I just adore her! I adore her down-to-earthness. She once said in an interview that she uses the subway. I can imagine her sitting next to me in the Tube and then accidently burping or something and then going "oh, sorry about that!". I adore her because she's so heavenly beautiful and always looking so elegant on the red carpet, on those pretty, simple dresses. And I won't even begin with her talents. Okay, maybe just a little. She makes us cry and she makes us laugh and she astounds by the feelings she is able to potray without words, so effortlessly. Just think about the brilliantly ominous scene at the breakfast table towards the end of Revolutionary Road. P.S. She likes being naked in movies. And she makes it cool!

FAVOURITE ROLE: I want to say Titanic. I also want to say Revolotionary Road and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Little Chidren. And I also feel a bit like saying Extras. So, I won't give you a specific answer. Because I love Kate whatever she does. (Though nothing tops her beauty in Titanic. Damn! If all the women in the world looked like that I'd change my sexual orientation right away. Haha, kidding. Kind of.)

A few HONORABLE MENTIONS aka consolation prices, because there are so much more women in Hollywood worth a mention.

1) Cate Blanchett. Great presence, guaranteed talent. She potrays the most beautiful non-human creature ever, Galadriel.
2) Anne Hathaway. A sweet girl-next-door, with a bit of an edge. Very likable as a person.
3) Maggie Gyllenhaal. The other half of my favourite pair of siblings in Hollywood. A special mention to her little role in the Sam Mendes film Away We Go.

Now, please protest!


Harri said...

Oh, great list! Mine would be almost similar - Keira is only one I kinda dislike. Plus I would add Naomi Watts to the list, she's suberb!

Are you going to make "TOP 5 favourite male" list too? (Or would it be like "1. RDJ 2. RDJ 3. RDJ"? :D)

Jenny said...

Hehe, great list! Thanks for sharing. Although I disagree on the Cate for first place...I do happen to love Winslet but after seeing Cate on stage she shot immediately up to my #1 spot over Meryl. My 3 absolute faves are Blanchett, Streep & Thompson with Winslet coming in a close 4th. I'm not really a fan of Portman but I hear her newest film is getting quite a lot of buzz. Best of luck to her!

Mikaela said...

Good list! Although I can't stand Keira, her mouth makes me crazy. It's a stupid reason but that's my opinion ;O) I love Anne Hathaway, she's quirky and cute, my kind of girl..

Paivi [] said...

Brilliant list! Although Cate Blanchett and Maggie Gyllenhaal would be higher on my list, and Knightley and Portman would be lower. Portman is brilliant in some of her roles, such as in Leon, but Knightley still has some work to do in convincing me... beautiful she is yes, but as an actress not my favourite.

Eeva said...

Haha, I knew I'd get protests for Keira! ;) I agree that she is not the most talented actress in the world, but I somehow like her. Atonement has a lot to do with it, I think...

Harri: I'm not sure if I'll make a similar list about male actors... It would be kind of obvious, I think :D But no, RDJ would get only one place. :D:D Or maybe two. But let's see, at least that would be another excuse to post pictures of handsome actors :D

Jenny: Ooh, I'm sure if I saw Blanchett on stage she'd get a place on my list, too! Thompson is also a very good actress, I agree.

Mikaela: Someone's mouth is actually a pretty good reason to dislike them! I've decided not to like someone for far more stupid reasons. ;)

Paivi: Let's see if Never Let Me Go will convince you. :) I have pretty high hopes...

bubble said...

I just made my Hollywood top5 list last week, though I still have to find the pics to actually publish it.. But at least one lady is the same on our lists. So, good taste you have ;)

Eeva said...

Alright, looking forward to it! ;)

Marja said...

Great list and like many others I heartily agree with it. Just missing Emma Thompson and other older generation women, like under used Susan Sarandon and Helen Mirren.

Pia said...

I repeat that "hus hus Keira", and change Rachel Weisz on her place :P But otherwise, great list! :D

Eeva said...

Marja: Yeah, I totally should've included at least Hellen Mirren! I should give away a few more of those consolation prices... ;)

Pia: Poor Keira, nobody wants her! Well, I'll have her back anyway. ;) And I actually like Rachel Weisz, too!

Eugen Gurjasti said...

So, there's no room for Scarlett Johansson? There are very few american actresses out there atm that intrest me, but Scarlett is obviosly one of them. Although, not that much as in the past.

Keira is a no no. Rachel is better alright, but I'd rank Naomi Watts before her. and Helena Bonham Carter. and Winona Ryder.. and a whole lot of older ladies.

Eeva said...

No room for Johansson on my list, I'm afraid! Quite talented she is, sure, but she's never done anything to REALLY catch my attention. Maybe I've just seen the wrong films, but anyway.

Bonham Carter is brilliant, I agree. Somehow she just didn't cross my mind while making this list. I could've at least given her a consolation price. ;) When it comes to Watts and Ryder... I realise they've both done some excellent work, but these are again matters of personal taste, which I can't really explain much further. You just like someone more than others. (And I happen to like Keira. Unlike anyone else, it seems! Haha, poor thing.)

whotithi said...

Great selection. Before I provide my 5, here my fayourite movies with YOUR 5: KK = either "Love, actually" or "Never let me go"; NP = a little too long ago, but she was just too mesmerising in Besson's "Leon"; MC = "Inception" same as you!; MS = "Silkwood"!; KW = "Hideous Kinky"...

My 5 are a little older on average, since I am, too:
* Julianne Moore - a great broad-spectrum actress, tough yet arrestingly womanly
* Sigourney Weaver - major talent, best when funny or in "broken mother" roles (e.g. "Avatar")
* Helen Mirren - greatest of the 5, she can kick ass (e.g. in "2010"), or be very fragile, or queenly, or passionate
* Vanessa Redgrave - amazing grace, from early ("Camelot") to later ("Deep Impact") times, wow!
* Charlize Theron - the girl who made good from my home country, the most courageous of the 5 in terms of change of image on screen (fave movie "North Country")