Nov 5, 2010

Jennifer's Body (2009) - Megan Fox is hot? Yeah, we got it already...

directed by Karyn Kusama / starring Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, Adam Brody

 Jennifer is a high school girl (or so they say. She looks like she's thirty), who is basically the most unpleasant, rude, self-conceited, bitchy person you could imagine. Then she turns into a demon and nothing really changes, only now she's literally eating men. For some reason she has a friend who is normal, and who then is granted the honour to try and kill Jennifer. Yihaa.

I don't very often write whole posts about movies I don't like at all. As you might have guessed of my opening paragraph, I didn't like Jennifer's Body (what's that name about, anyway?), but thought I'd still write a post about it, because I disliked it more than I usually dislike movies I don't like. I usually dislike a movie because it's boring, but this goes way beyond that. Beforehand I was pretty sure I would loathe it, but was willing to give it a chance anyway. Well, for once, I should've trusted my prejudices.

There are mainly two things I loathed about Jennifer's Body. 1) Megan Fox and 2) Diablo Cody's script. To elaborate, I have always had some very deep issues with Megan Fox. I just can't stand a sight of her, for some reason. Maybe it's because everything about her screams BIATCH to me, or maybe it's just subconscious jealousy, maybe I'm just angry that she is hot and I'm not, you know, the same reason guys loathe Robert Pattinson. Whatever the reason, I very much disliked Megan Fox again, thus I very much disliked the character of Jennifer, I thought she was quite ridiculous. It was very annoying how they had to underline the obvious ├╝ber hotness of Megan Fox in every freaking scene, it was over-the-top to the extent of being annoying, like come on, we can see she's hot, stop rubbing it on our faces! Someone called the film 'Megan Fox Is Hot the Movie', and yeah, that's pretty much the case.

To move on to the the other object of dislike, I was highly annoyed by the dialogue. I didn't like Juno either, but now Diablo Cody really outdid herself. The script was trying so hard to be quirky and controversial, but for me it came through as ridiculous and plain annoying. Like what was that tampon comment trying to be, funny?

Disliking the movie made me feel insanely uptight and boring, and that I'm just too mainstream to understand the humour. Well, whatever the case, it was kind of refreshing to really LOATHE a movie for once.

P.S. On the top of everyhing, they put eyelainer on Seth Cohen and made him lip sync and look stupid. Thanks for ruining my teenage idol for me...

"Hell is a teenage girl."


Paivi [] said...

Nice to hear there's someone else in the world who is not so fond of Diablo Cody. I did not like so much about Juno, nor did I like so much about Jennifer's Body. But I have nothing against Megan Fox. Beautiful woman, and she does have talent as well :) but the movie I did not like much.

Eeva said...

Paivi: I'm not really sure what it is about me and Megan Fox... Maybe I'd change my mind if I for once saw her in a role that didn't annoy me to death :D