Nov 18, 2010

An invitation: PLEASE come and GLEEK OUT with me!

I'm currently suffering from some, er, post-Pre-Christmas-party-related symptoms. (Should I get out of bead today? Nah. Should I eat today? Something other than crisps? Nah.) Luckily, I have just the right medication: a new episode of Glee! Which bring us very nicely to the actual point of the post.

I created another blog, because recently I've been falling  more and more in love with Glee and I thought I could canalise that love into something concrete. So, a new blog it is! We'll see if it begins to get wind beneath its wings. If no, I can always just get rid of it and pretend the whole thing never happened! Haha.

So. Please Gleek Out! Do check it out, I'd be more than pleased!

P.S. The Deathly Hallows tomorrow!! Judging by all the reviews I've read from other blogs, it will be quite a ride - with a few bumps. Anyhow, can't freaking wait!


Mikaela said...

Yay, awesome ;O) I'll start following it right away. The only other fan-blog I read is Anzi's Supernatural-blog, fangirls rule!!

Eeva said...

Yihaa! Fangirls forever!! ;D

Pia said...

Oijoijoi, that's soooo great! Now there's a place where to put all the adoration about Finn and Kurt and Will and Finn and Quinn and Mercedes and...Finn ;D <3 Ahaha.

(off topic: laitoin sulle sähköpostia :P)

Eeva said...

Oooh, Finn's girl, are you? ;) I'm Kurt's all the way! ;D

(Oiii, kivaa. :) Ei oo kyllä vielä tullut. Ehkä siellä on joku ruuhka matkalla...)