Nov 22, 2010

Source Code trailer - oh boy, bring it on!

Well, doesn't this seem interesting! The Moon director Duncan Jones meets Jake Gyllenhaal and I like what I see. Damn, can't wait!


Harri said...

Oh god, that looks soooo cool! This is absolutely on my "must-list" of 2010.

Btw have you seen time travelling movie called Primer? That trailer remainded me of it. Primer was brain-braiding, very hard to follow, complexed etc. but very fascinating! It's one of my favourite time jumping movies (though, I haven't seen many of them..:D)

Harri said...

....yeah, I shouldn't write in English after 6 pm.

I meant must-list of 2011, of course.

Eeva said...

Primer? No, haven't seen it, haven't even heard about it, actually. Thanks for the tip! Sounds interesting.

Btw, I didn't even notice your little typo :D Apparently one shoudln't do anything at all after 6 pm. Except maybe watch Glee videos from Youtube. Which I've been doing all night. My flatmate came to my room a moment ago and she was like "I thought you were doing school work!" :D "Eh, no, that's what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing." Anyway.

Harri said...

I heard it first time when I was reading Episodi, it was some kind of list about time travelling movies and Primer was - if I remember correctly - on the first place. I recommend it (but it's not really recommended to watch it after 6 pm. :D)

Glee really really is great (my marathon is moving forward slowly but at least it's moving)! And aaargh, Terri is maybe the most irritating TV-character ever. And I'm starting to kinda like Rachel, she's not that bad at all. AaaaaaaAAAaaAAh, it's such a great series!

And Kurt - oh, he's purely awesome awesomeness covered with little particles of awesomeness! He's very caricature-like but there much more than meets the eye. Awesome!

Eeva said...

So, it's one of those 'watch before 6 pm' movies, roger that. ;)

YAAAAY, Gleegleegleeeeee! Good thing your marathon is moving forward, better slowly than not at all. Terri truly is one terrible character. Terri puts the 'terri' in terrible, so to speak. Haha. And Rachel has her moments, but most of the time I wish she'd just shut up. ;D

Oh but Kurt, Kurt Kurt Kurt, he puts the 'kurt' in, umm... kurt-geous? :D Oh well. Anyway, I love that character! And the whole show! Most of the characters indeed are quite stereotype-like, but there's always that other dimension too, which makes it so cool and interesting!

Now, I'll watch one more video as a bedtime story and then listen to a song or two as a lullaby. And hopefully I have some gleeful dreams, hahahaa. (I haven't had dreams about Glee yet, weird! At least I don't remember having them... Wouldn't mind, though :D)

Harri said...

Yeah, but it would be cool omgwtf-experience when watched after 6 pm. ! ;)

Haha, I've never realised terrible before, actually! Now I think they have named her in purpose. :D Those evil, fiendish writers...

Kurt great as vanilla yogh-kurt? :D Naah, he's just kurt-geos, kurt-astic, kurt-tacular and kurt-standing! Sue Sylvester is also hilarius and sue-berb! (Yeah, I never get bored :D)

Hah, those soundtracks are really addictive and they release new ones all the time - which is great.

Sometimes I wonder how all the roads lead to Ro..Glee. This post has nothing to do with Glee we are once again. :D

Eeva said...

Hahaha, coining new glee-words never gets old! It's glee-licious! ;)

Yep, here we are again. :D But it's not really offtopic when you think about it! I mean, this post is about Duncan Jones' upcoming movie and Duncan Jones also directed Moon, which starred Sam Rockwell, who also starred in Iron Man 2, which also starred Gwyneth Paltrow, who was just gueststarring in Glee! Not far-fetched at all! Because everything can be connected to Glee, really. ;)

bubble said...

A little bit too Inception-like, but... There's always Jake. So you gotta love it ;)

Eeva said...

There is an undeniable resemblence, I have to admit... But like you said, Jake is always good enough a reason to look forward to something ;)