Nov 26, 2010

I'm done breathing normally until 26 June 2011, 8 pm

 ... Or maybe a few hours after that. I was already hyperventilating in my other blog, but I need to do this here too. But I'll keep it calm here.

I'm going to see the Glee Live! concert in London next June. I found out about this earlier this week, a few days before I had sworn on my mortal soul that if these guys ever came on tour in Europe, I'd be there. The tickets were on sale this morning and without really even deciding that I'm going, I found myself ordering two tickets and here we are. I don't know who I'm going with yet, but that shouldn't be too big an issue. I'm currently trying to restrain my will to jump up and down and scream till I lose my voice, because June is many months away and anything can happen..I'll jump and scream afterwards. If it'll be worth it. (This is a part of my tactics: Don't expect anything and you'll love it.)

Didn't I do a good job in keeping it calm? Am I excused now? Good.



Pia said...

HAhahhaha :DD Go girl, that's the right attitude!! :D
(and better make a great, huge and awesome blog post about that trip, you lucky bastard :DDD)

Eeva said...

You bet I'll make! ;)

Mikaela said...


Eeva said...

My sentiments exactly!!!

Reta said...

:D Ostit sitten lopulta liput. Toisessa blogissa jäi epäselväksi ostitko ne liput vai et.
Anyways, samaan aikaan Lontoossa näköjään ollaan.

Eeva said...

Hehee. On mulla kyllä muistaakseni tuolla toisessakin blogissa melkoinen hehkutusmerkintä. ;) Mutta joo. Nyt aloin taas vähän hyperventiloida kun tuli puheeksi. :D Hehehehehehe.

Ja ohhoh! Pieni maailma!