Aug 23, 2010

Still, the River runs on just the same

In a more just world, River Phoenix would turn 40 today. In honour of his birthday I watched Stand by Me and Dogfight. And again I remembered very clearly why I was obsessing over River earlier this year. What a talent, what a charisma, what a man.

There are a lot of songs written for River Phoenix. As I was listening through some of them, I noticed they were all about his death, none about his life. It's understandable that tragedy is more inspiring, but a song about life would've been more appropriate for this day. Well, anyway, here's River by Natalie Merchant. (The title of this post is from an Ellis Paul song, also called River.)

You were one of ours
One of ours 

Happy birthday, River.


cinefiliaa said...

OMG ^_^! Someone to share my River-passion! Lovely~.

I can recall the first time I saw him: I was ten, maybe eleven, and Peter Bogdanovich's "The Thing Called Love" came out on Yle.
After that I tried to find out every little detail about him and learned that he was already dead. And so prematurely!

If drugs hadn't taken him River would have become something Grand... He was such a natural, highly sensitive in everything he did infront of the camera. Just watching him making his tiny but moving turn in "Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail" convinces me, every time.

What a talent, what a charisma, what a man; well put.

Also, what a waste. Happy (belated) birthday, River.

Eeva said...

Oh, cool! ;) Too few remember River nowadays... Sure, it's been almost 20 years since he past away, but that talent should not be forgotten.

I actually "found" him a bit late, only this past winter, because I had somehow managed to avoid all of his films until then. And still, it's so damn difficult trying to hunt down some of his less known movies... Have to hope they'll show some of them in TV some time.

It's really quite sad to think all those amazing performances he WOULD'VE given, if only he hadn't... Well. Terrbile waste, like you said. We lost not only a great actor, but also quite a special human being, too...

Anonymous said...

I didn't find river until quite recently then I found he was gone he inspired me to do what I'm good at and he said this is what we got for ya kid try not to loose it's funny cause I'm a vegitarian too it's sad I never knew him when I watch stand by me I break because I wish I couldve had people like that in my life especially rio life hasn't. Well been what I wish it was but when I fall too low an feel like I can't pull myself up I watch that movie it uplifts me^ cause it reminds me^ that somewhere out there there are people like him an those kids an people who are capable of caring an understanding