Aug 20, 2010

"Guys... where are we?"

I'll tell you where we are! We are at the beginning of an EPIC project, also known as The Complete Lost Marathon! I was meaning to start it a little later, as there's still a month or two till I'll get my hands on the season 6 DVD box set, but I just felt like getting it going tonight. I'll just have to keep this thing sensible, not like last time I had a Lost Marathon - it was after four seasons, and I watched them all in eight days. You can imagine I didn't leave the house much that week. Ah, good times. Anyway, I try not to watch more than four episodes a day. I still have plenty of drafts to finish, and a stack of dvd's to watch... Oh well. Luckily I have to start studying again in a few weeks, so I'll get a little sense in this life again.

But oh freaking yeah, I've now watched the pilot - both parts - and I've been laughing at the jokes I've heard a hundred times before (and I'm not even exaggerating that much), and almost crying at the ingenuity and complexity of the story ahead. I almost feel like taking notes and writing down every little moment and piece of dialogue I love, but I don't want to ruin my experience by concentrating on something else other than watching. Plus, that would be a very, very, VERY long list.

"Does anyone know how to use a gun?"
"I think you just pull the trigger."



Harri said...

Oh, you started this already ! I am really looking forward to your posts!

The pilot is great, one of the best pilots ever besides Twin Peaks' (there's always an invisible heart-sign after the show's name <3).

Yeah, but write as much about Lost as you can. :D At least one person is going to read the posts.

Eeva said...

Yeah, I did... And I think I'll very soon find myself in the end of season 5, cursing for having to wait for a month before the last season is available. :D

I guess I've missed something essential, because I've never seen an episode of Twin Peaks... Somehow I just feel a little prejudiced about the series, but maybe one of these days! ;)

Oh and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't get enough of Lost!

Paivi [] said...

Good luck! I had my Supernatural -marathon last spring - 5 seasons in just about three months... ;-)

Lost's two last seasons are still waiting to be seen....

Eeva said...

Thanks! ;) I'm trying to take it quite slow, and so far have even succeeded on that...

I watched a few episodes of the first season of Supernatural just recently, and it's really a good show! There's just too much stuff to watch and to do, and not enough hours in my days, argh ;D Oh well.