Aug 30, 2010

Lost lost / Damn you, Emmys!

Last night after 2 am I opened my laptop, because despite being tired I didn't feel sleepy at all. As you might know it was the primetime Emmy night, and I was happy to find some livestream material from the red carpet in IMDb homepage. So I watched that for a while, and when the show itself began (it was 3 am by then) I found myself waiting for the results and staring at a "backstage cam" at I finally made myself switch off my laptop when Lost lost in the first category it was nominated it. Good thing I did, I don't know if I could've taken all those upcoming disappointments so late at night, haha. Poor Lost. Hopefully you're a better loser than I am.

So, Lost left home empty handed. Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn have both won Emmys previously, so I think I can get over their losses. Matthew Fox didn't win either, but Jack doesn't care about winning, right? An Emmy for Darlton would've been nice, or for Jack Bender for directing... But oh well. At least they won some back in season 1.

There are some bright spots, too. Jane Lynch won, which was very cool, Glee is awesome and Sue Sylvester just pure genious. I'm not familar with Modern Family, which 'robbed' most of Glee's potential Emmys, so I can't really hold any grudge there. Now I only must swallow my bitterness and be happy for Mad Men. They did good, and deservingly so.

Jimmy Fallon hosted. He's pretty good, actually. I kind of like him. Here's the opening number, Glee themed, which of course is awesome. Also, Jon Hamm dancing and shaking his booty is something worth seeing, I can tell you...

Now I'll go lick my wounds and maybe watch today's portion of Lost. You'll always be the winner in my eyes.


Mikaela said...

BUT, Jim Parsons won! Hallelujah ;O)

Eeva said...

Yeah, true! I haven't been watching Big Bang Theory much, but I saw his rep carpet interview and wanted him to win just because of that. ;) Cool dude.

M-link / Marja said...
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M-link / Marja said...

Oh my Gaawd! Jon Hamn is so HAAAWT!
Ok, ok. I'm over it now (yum, youm, yum).

I loved the opening number and I actually hmmloaded it to my portaple "Granny Smith" player. I loved it how Kimmel sounds like The Boss.

Oh yeah and there was the rest of the show too...something about awards or somethin'... I loved the Modern Family bit with Clooney (yum, yum, yum!).