Jul 14, 2010

My favourite TV shows: Honorable mentions & future prospects

(I'm currently enjoying the last week of my summer job. So here's a timed post for you!)

To FINALLY finish My Top 5 Favourite TV shows list, I write one more post about those series that possibly almost might have made it to the list, but they didn't because it was too crowded. Just to remind you, this is what the list looked like:
  1. Lost (part two)
  2. Glee / Extras
  3. Grey's Anatomy
  4. The O.C.
  5. Prison Break / Skins
Now, to the five honorable mentions.

Muumilaakson tarinoita (Moomin)

I'll keep myself in check and mention only one childhood favourite. Of course I had to choose Moomin, because it's simply the best thing that's come out of tv (before Lost came along). I don't think I need to explain myself any further, everyone must understand the charm of these white, round creatures and their friends. I still find the series highly entertaining, some remarks insanely funny and the general philosophy just pure genious. I think I'll be a Moomin fan even when I'm 70. This is one thing worth feeling patriotic about.
"Jos minä löytäisin jostakin tarpeeksi pienen poikaystävän, olisin minäkin kevytkenkäinen."

Ally McBeal (season 4 only)

Why only season 4? That's the only season I've watched entirely. Why? Well, there's a small hint above. This winter I was at the peak of my Robert Downey Jr. phase, and watched everything I could that had anything to do with him. Including season 4 of Ally McBeal. I've watched random episodes of the show over the years, and I remembered only that f*cking scary dancing uga zaga baby. Hrrr. Anyway. The season was both very enjoyable and freaking painful. I put a bit too much of my soul into it. I knew all the time the season would end in tears - RDJ was struggling with drugs at the time so he was kicked out of the show. I loved RDJ's Larry more than it's healthy and wanted to marry him or at least Ally to marry him. I often felt disturbingly melancholic after watching an episode, especially after the season was over and they didn't live happily ever after. SIGH. What a wonderful, wondeful man. Damn you and your drug issues.


I'm not one of those people who love Friends more than life and can recite the dialogue of every episode. But everytime I happen to open the tv and Friends is on, I don't change the channel. I'm prone to forgetting how good the series actually is! Everytime I watch an episode I laugh and enjoy myself. My favourite character must be... um... Pheobe. Or Ross. Oh I don't know. Anyway, Friends is what I think when someone says the word 'sitcom'.
"Pheobe. That's, P, as in Phoebe, H, as in heobe, O as in oebe, E, as in ebe, B, as in bebe, and E as in... Ello there mate."

The Simpsons

Similarly to Friends, The Simpsons is the show to watch if you happen to open the tv at the right time and want to have fun for a half an hour. It's a genuinely funny show, with all the references and padorys of popular culture and the real world. The scale of characters is great, some of my favourites are the angry Scottish janitor, Abu with his wonderful Indian accent and of course Bart.
"Thank you, come again!"

Little Britain

For me, Little Britain was the representative of British humour until I found Extras. Little Britain mostly relies on men dressing up as women or homosexual-ish characters, catch phrases and repetive sketches. It's funny, yeah, but not in too big portions. My favourite sketches are the Prime Minister and his teenage girl-ishly jealous assistant ("Wha evaa!"), the teenage monster Vicky Pollard ("Yeah but no but yeah but...") and of course Andy and Lou ("Yeah, I know.").
"Computer says... no."

Now. The hole where Lost used to be. I'm 99 % sure it'll never be completely filled, and well, I don't think I'd even want that. But still, I'm in a quest to find new shows to get addicted on. Glee is my most recent discovery, but I need at least one more.

I have some candidates. I've watched the first few episodes of True Blood, and it was pretty good, though not OMG-FREAKING-AWESOME good. But I think I'll try it again some time. Same with Chuck, a show about a computer nerd, who accidently gets involved with goverment secrects. I've seen random episodes of Supernatural, and it's good and creepy and full of eye candy. I'm trying to get my hand on the first season.

I just recently bought the first season of Mad Men, because it was cheap and it's won six Emmys. And six Emmys can't be wrong. Right? I've now watched two episodes, and the characters seem pretty interesting and I'm really hoping I'll get involved in the story and become addicted and my search will be over. Fingers crossed...

Meanwhile... Any further recommendations?


Harri said...

Oh, Friends! I really really really love the series. I've watched every episode pretty many times but I can't help laughing at them. My favourite Character is Phoebe. Or Chandler....or maybe Ross. They're all great. I'll be watching these when I'm buried six feet under.

Ang great - you bought 1st season of Mad Men! I didn't like first two episodes much but third one changed my opinion. Great series.

Mikaela said...

My favorite shows are Buffy, Supernatural, the new Battlestar Galactica and new Doctor Who...so on the scifi-side of the spectrum...I like Mad Men and True Blood a lot but Glee takes the cake on the new arrivals, it's brilliant! I also like Entourage, it's easy and fun to watch..

Leena said...

Kirjotan periaatteesta suomeksi ;)

Ihan vaan tulin sanomaan hei. Ja että pidetään joskus Muumi- ja Disney-maratonit.

Ja että Chandler on paras.

Eeva said...

Harri: Three down, many to go! Episodes of Mad Men, I mean. I haven't had the time to really put my heart into watching the series, but the next weeks I'm basically made of time so I'll be able to sit down and make myself addicted, hopefully. ;)

Mikaela: Hmm... So many tv shows, so little time, argh! :D Well, I think I'll try to concentrate on Mad Men, True Blood and maybe Supernatural for now. It's a lot of work to start watching a new/old series, so much catching up to do ;)

Leena: Voisin periaatteesta sit vastata sulle englanniksi. ;) No ei. Maratonit pitää kyllä toteuttaa, mulla tosiaan ei tässä muuta olekaan kuin aikaa!