Jul 4, 2010

Happy birthday, America... and Gloria Stuart!

OH SAY CAN YOU SEE...! God bless America and all the wonderful actors and film makers the country has given us. Including Gloria Stuart, who turns 100 today. One hundred years! She's lived for a freaking century!

She was born in 1910 (as you, who are more gifted in the field of mathematics than I am, might already have guessed), two years before the first and last voyage of Titanic, which is cool for obvious reasons. She was an insanely productive actress in the 30s, I counted she starred in 42 films during that one decade only. (If I counted it right.) I've only seen her in that one little film that tells about that little boat. Anyway, she is awesome in it. Being in Titanic and reaching 100 years means I'll write a post about you on your birthday. That's a promise, ya'll!

(My dear brother saw that picture of young Gloria and he said (using our horrible local dialect): "Ei oo pahan näköönen!" This is hilarious, if you know my 16-year-old, girl-fearing, uncommunicative, geeky little brother. I'm not sure if he was serious. I kind of hope he was. Anyway.)

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