Jan 5, 2011

The Ultimate Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Marathon

This is what you can call a day well spent: On the Wednesday before New Year's Eve my friend and I watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions, of course) at pretty much one sitting, with only a couple of breaks of a few minutes. Took us almost precisely eleven hours and eleven minutes. Plus extra twenty minutes for the final end credits that have to be watched every time. Because of the drawings. And the music. Did you know that at the very end of the credits there're five minutes' worth of names of fanclubbers? We spotted some of the actors and quite a few Finnish names, too. Why didn't I get my name there, that would be a big enough life achievement for me...

I don't know what I'll do with this post. I will probably just keep repeating how fantastic the trilogy is and mindlessly list all the awesome things about it, but hey, what else can you do if you love something so much?

Ah, so what do I love about The Lord of the Rings? To mention a few things: the ridiculous attention to detail, the flawlessness of every armor, sword and floor tile, the Hobbit feet, that everyone has a long hair and that the men look so masculine despite, the use of the Middle Earth map, the intro of the first film with voice over by Cate Blanchett, Cate Blanchett's Galadriel who's the most beautiful thing ever, Shire, the Shire theme music, the accent of Billy Boyd, Boromir's line "They have a gave troll" in FotR (don't know why but I always got a kick out of it),

Gandalf's fireworks, Gandalf, Merry and Pippin's Green Dragon song, the overall colours of the film, how Andy Serkis and technology made Gollum a real living thing, Saruman's perfect nails, Tree Beard, how New Zealand IS Middle Earth, Legolas's moments to shine in each film (gave troll fight, shield surfing and the oliphaunt), the comic relief Gimli, how the Ring whispers to Frodo, the insane fact that Elijah Wood was only 18 when they shot the film (I just can't get over this! It's ridiculous!), the horrible moment in Helm's Deep when the young boys are being prepared for the battle, Peter Jackson's cameos,

Pippin's song in RotK, the Battle of Pelennor Fields ("Death! Death!" and the dead people kicking ass), "For Frodo" and how Merry and Pippin are the first ones to charge after Aragorn, "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you", how every time I'm absolutely certain Frodo will let go at the Mount Doom (it's the look in his eyes. Thank you, 18-year-old Elijah Wood), "I'm glad you're with me, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things" and all the sixteen endings. And so on.

That list could've been so much longer. I had to tie my hands to stop there.

What else can I say? The Peter Jackson super trilogy is one of what I like to call my Ultimate Favourite Films. Though the pack is all the time sneakily growing larger, it's still quite an achievement to be accepted into that highly prestigious group. (Alright, people, I'm kidding a little here...) I hope they'll never remake these films, and I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to even think about that anytime soon. I'll be eternally grateful for Peter Jackson for being a real badass and not settling for anything less than perfection in creating Middle Earth and the peoples of it.

I could make another mindlessly long list of the things I love about the special features of the DVD's. They are awesomely awesome. (And I'm regretting a bit that this Christmas break I won't have time to listen to the cast commentaries... I did that last year, and it's amazing how they keep a hold of you almost as much as the films themselves.)

For me, it wasn't until I had watched all the Making Of's and other Behind the Scenes material, when I fully understood the magnitude of the whole project, the ENORMOUS amount of effort and hours that the ENORMOUS amount of people put in making the films happen. They all have my earnest respect, everyone from the set designers and stunt cordinators to the extras and catering staff. Also, I am openly and endlessly jealous at them, because they have experienced something larger that life, something I never will, and where ever they go in life, they can always say that they have been taken part in making something freaking spectacular.

 P.S. The urge to travel to New Zealand is once again getting a bit unbearable. Please give me time and especially money, please, pretty please with a cherry on top?

P.P.S. Did you ever think where you would like to live if Middle Earth actually existed? Of course you did, who woudn't! I would definitely live in the Shire, no doubt about it, because I can't think of anything more awesome than being a hobbit. Also, I could have a nice retirement home in Rivendell and maybe a summer cottage in Lórien... Anyway, I wouldn't mind just travelling to New Zealand instead. Hmm? Extra time or money on your hands, anyone?

P.P.P.S. Oh oh oh, two more things I simply HAVE to say, in honour of the way the walls of my room looked like when I was about 14: 1) I'm still a big fan of Elijah Wood, even though he doesn't really do anything anymore. Those big blue eyes will have me forever! 2) A lot can be said about Orlando Bloom and his actual acting talents, but the man sure looks good doing action scenes in a blond wig, with that elf-like agility. Who cares if he just hangs around looking dumb and confused for the rest of the time...


Harri said...

Not a bad way to spend a day! Though I prefer marathons at night, it's more atmospherical in some way. And you don't even feel tired at all if you drink coffee until your hands are starting to shake. The morning after is part of the movie experience too, walking in a half dream and feeling like Michael Jackson in Thriller's music video...No, but really, movie nights are sooo much fun! :D

I've never seen extended version and I feel that I've missed so much (at least after this post. :D) I should watch theater versions, It's been a while since last viewing, because I remember watching those on video...

bubble said...

Oh, I haven't watched the LOTR trilogy for a while! But I have done the extended versions' marathon once. Have to admit I fell asleep at some point :D Probably at some war scene.. Though they are done by true masters, all the action tends to be a bit boring sometimes. I think we started watching at 3 p.m. and stopped at 3 a.m. Had to take a break to eat xD

I would truly love to live in Lothlórien, it's my favourite place in all of Middle Earth. And Pippin's and Aragorn's songs are my favourite parts in the movies ♥

Elijah's eyes are worth mentioning, but my heart will always belong with Aragorn, son of Arathorn! ♥

Eeva said...

Harri: I'm usually terribly bad at watching movies at night, sometimes even three litres of coffee won't help. But those morning afters are brilliant, I agree, like after the Oscars, when you'd finally get to go to sleep, you can't because your brain is so hyper and just wants you to jump up and down and scream. :D

But yes, the extended versions are worth watching. Even if some of the added scenes are just silly, there's some really good stuff, too.

bubble: Falling asleep can easily be forgiven, I think. :D Action scenes just easily turn into a boring blur at some point, no matter how well made they were. Just noticed it again when watching Inception...

Ooh, Aragorn! The teenager-me was drooling over Legolas, but I think now I'd go with Faramir. He's cool.

Leena said...

Musta tuntuu, että yritettiin joskus yläaste/lukio aikana katsoa kaikki kolme leffaa putkeen H:n kanssa, mutta en muista, jaksettiinko.

En muista, koska olisin viimeksi nähnyt Sormustenherrat. Joskus ne tuli telkkarista, mutta en katsonut kokonaan.

Leffat on hyviä, melkein liiankin hyviä, koska tunnelma on välillä ihan sietämättömän ahdistava.

Mutta juu. Jos Tolkien teki mielettömän työn luodessaan uuden maailman, niin elokuvien tekijät teki saman työn uudestaan siirtäessään sen maailman sanoista todellisuuteen. Yksityiskohdat on.. On.

Muistan sun Elijah-fanituksen :D

Anonymous said...

This was such an uplifter <3! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful and silly fangirling because deep inside, I'm still part elf ^_^.
I used to go nuts for Elijah's huge eyes.. I was, what, 15? I remember going through thousands of screenshots, production photos, locations, gowns, everything on and about Middle Earth while waiting for the films to premiere.

I'm still hoping to do what you just did some fine day. I hope it will be this year~.

Eeva said...

Leena: Kukapa voisi unohtaa mun Elijah-fanituksen... :D Huoh.

cinefiliaa: Aw, fangirling! Nothing beats it, really.