Jan 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011 and my two (or three) cents

As for the results, I won't comment much. I leave the profound analysis and stabbing critique for the Oscars (just wait for it. Haha.). This time I'll keep this short and simple... Here are my two, or three cents.

1) The Social Network has a lot of friends. Including me! Since my number one of 2010 is apparently too animated to win anything other than the award for the best animation (YAY, though), I have my two thumbs up for David Fincher, Aaron Sorkin, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and co. Though I want Inception to win something as well (something other than techinical awards would be nice too... Music, maybe?), I'd be happy to see The Social Network win the most important awards. (Black Swan might still make me change my mind, but I wouldn't count on it.) I watched the trailer again the other day (while waiting for the DVD that's all I can do...) and damn, it could win some award just for that.

 2) Biggest. Thrills. Ever. (So far.) So, Chris Colfer did it, then. I can't tell you how freaking thrilled I am for this! When I found out I felt like screaming and crying and jumping, and I did all of those, but only a little, because I was in a public place. Chris didn't only deserve this as an actor, but as a person, too. I've never been so happy for him, but something tells me I will be even happier some day, because this won't be THE peak his career, no way. More about the subject (= more love for Chris Colfer) here.

3) Memorable Moments. Since I wasn't able to watch the show (damn you, Finnish TV companies!), I had to let someone else to gather some of the best moments of the night. Under the link there are a few things worth watching, like everything with Ricky Gervais (he's just so shamelessly rude, it's quite wonderful, really), one of the most inspiring acceptance speeches ever (I'm not only happy for Chris, I'm also happy for those kids who get the inspiration and encouragement they need out of this), and the bit with Robert Downey Jr. I'd almost forgotten how damn charming and charismatic he can be. Aw, make him host the Oscars next year or something!

The biggest movie event of the year is only five weeks away! I personally can't wait.


Anonymous said...

The minute I read Colfer's name from the list, I thought of you and smiled. "Eeva's going to be happy!" ^_^/.
Kurt touches me, too, though I haven't seen so many episodes :E I'm working on it, I promise!

I wasn't surprised but completely happy and satisfied with The Social Network gang bagging awards. It was one of the biggest enjoyments of 2010!

Eeva said...

Aw, I'm glad to be associated with Chris Colfer. I guess I do make my preferences quite clear... ;)

Kurt is awesome, and I love that he's got more attention on season 2. There's so much to do with that character! So keep watching, you. ;)