Jan 25, 2011

Instant reactions to the Oscar nominations, 2011

15:24 I'm assuming that the nominee announcement will begin in five minutes. I'm not sure, because I'm too lazy to bother my head with the time zones. We'll see.

15:30 Yay! It's began! There are two dudes introducing us to the announcements. 6 minutes...

15:33 They're asking people what's their favourite film of 2010. One answer: "Harry Potter, because it's good to know that there're other magical people in the world." Woo! I love weird people!

15:35 Anne and James. Aww. She's so sweet. And I don't mind him either.

15:38 Okay, here we go.... Monique!

15:43 That was fast. Let's see now. Here are my random thoughts on some random categories:

Documentary: If Exit Through the Gift Shop wins, who will collect the award for Banksy? He's still not showing his face in public, is he? Wouldn't it be cool if he appeared with one of those hats, which cover the whole face, those that bank robbers wear in movies... Can't wait to see this documentary, by the way. Banksy is one of the few things in art that I dare say I really like, and kind of understand, too.

I never understood the difference between Sound Mixing and Sound Editing...

Original Song: Randy Newman! I don't remember what that song from Toy Story 3 is like, but he is awesome.

Animated Feature Film: Again, like last year, this is a bit silly. Only one of these films is also nominated for Best Picture, so I wonder who'll win here... Sure, it's the right one. It'd be so badass if Toy Story 3 won both categories... I'll keep fantasizing...

Best Writing: ... Aaron Sorkin is missing from the list in IMDb. Fix it, dudes! He should be there, unless my eyes and ears were not working during the annoucements and the world (=Academy) has gone mental.

Directing: Now, where is our man Chris Nolan? (Maybe they've really gone a bit gaga.) Poor thing, He would've deserved at least a nomination...

Supporting Actor: Another name missing. No Andrew Garfield! Damn! Well, he'll be back. Still... Damn. A big and annoyed DAMN.

Best Picture: I still think it's silly that there are ten nominees here.

 To sum... The King's Speech got most nominations (12), followed by The True Grit (10)... And Inception and The Social Network both got eight, right? I've so far seen only three of the Best Picture nominees, but that'll change soon enough. I will very eagerly go see The King's Speech on Sunday, and 127 Hours, Black Swan and Winter's Bone just as eagerly as soon as they make it to our cinema. And The Kid's Are All Right is already on DVD, so that'll be easy. I'm not really interested in The Fighter, so I'm not that bothered about seeing it, and I'll maybe keep avoiding The True Grit for now (even though I probably shouldn't, with all those nominations, damn...), because I'm just not a Coen girl.

One month to go before the most exciting night of the year! (Is it a bit sad to say that? Does that mean that my life lacks excitement? Oh well, let's say it's a figure of speech and really all my nights are much more exciting.) And I'm invited! According to the poster. Yay.


Marja said...

Excluding Nolan is outrageous! How, how, how, why, why, why?

I think the only reason there are ten nominees for Best Picture is the hype. Once you get nominated, it boosts the films interest.

Hey, maybe Banksy will appear with a paperbag on his head?

cinefiliaa said...

Good point on Banksy ^_^ So excited, I'm seeing Exit Through the Gift Shop tomorrow!

Hey, please believe me when I say this: True Grit is the most entertaining thing the Coens have done for years! It's excellent, funny, gorgeous and Steinfeld, Bridges and Damon all give out stellar performances.
Don't give up on them yet ;)

Eeva said...

Marja: Outrageous indeed... I was certain he had the nomination in the bag. Such a shame! Well, he's our hero anyway.

And I guess you're right about the ten nominees. Sure, it's nice that more movies get to have a text "Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, including Best Picture!" on their DVD covers, but still... It's a bit lame.

Banksy with a paperbag would be sensational as well!

cinefiliaa: Ooh, I'm jealous! Looking forward to your review.

Aaaand... yes. I suppose I'll have to see True Grit. I never even considered the possibility that I might like it, so I don't even now what the story is about or anything. But with ten nominations and all... Maybe the Coens will yet surprise me. ;)

Mikaela said...

WTF Nolan, WTF??!!! Could NOT believe it...

Eeva said...

I know! I'm annoyed that Garfiel didn't get his nomination, but Nolan's case is RIDICULOUS.