Jan 24, 2011

Wild Wild Weekend

... Or not so much. Except the part with the ghost. Which I'll get to later.

Just took a picture, because I needed one, because this is how boring the post would've looked otherwise.

So, not a very wild weekend. Though wilder than the last one, which I spent alone watching movies, never leaving the flat. This weekend I did leave the flat every day and actually watched some of the movies with other people. Rock 'n' roll!

On Friday I spent the evening watching Sex and the City (I'm not a fan, but I have to admit, there is a certain charm to that show) with my flatmate, while stuffing our faces with candy (and after all the sugar almost made us sick, we had a sandwich and then some more candy again). We were planning on going to sleep early, embarrassingly early for a Friday night, and we did try, but our neighbours (or more likely half of the whole building, by the sounds of if) were having a party upstairs. It was a birthday party for someone named Claudia. We know this because the walls are apparently like paper. Or maybe we just have very, very loud neighbours. Anyway, so much for good night's sleep...

On Saturday I got up at 9 (unusual) and went to the gym (even more unusual) with my flatmate, whom I'd told to drag me with her. It was quite fun, actually, I don't know why I dread those places so much! Later I went to see The Social Network, because they happened to show it again in our cinema and because I felt like seeing it again. And it was, again, goooood. Though my tooth was aching the whole time, which was annoying and distracted me from letting the movie fully absorb me in. Well, that dentist appointment is only a few weeks away... Gee, if I told them that my tooth is turning blue or beginning to grow feathers (or something) would they take me in earlier?

Today I went to do some shopping, because I hadn't bought any clothes in a disturbingly long time, so I bought some and now I can only wait for the spring so that I can actually wear them. Just now I watched Karate Kid with some friends and I cracked up over Jackie Chan's line "Rock 'n' roll" and The Great Wall of China, because in the Ricky Gervais show An Idiot Abroad the guy calls it 'The Alright Wall of China'.

Oh and now the exciting part! There is a spirit or a boogey man of some kind living in our flat. Today a pot of my flatmate's pea soup had moved from the freezer to the fridge all by itself. Neither of us remember using the freezer today, and the pot was still all frozen. So we have our very own house ghost! (Or alternatively, one of us has a very poor memory.) Anyway, I'm thinking and hoping it must be quite a mild and good-spirited ghost, because it only wanted us to have some soup. Good intentions, though I loathe pea soup and the pot was on my side of the fridge. (Oh great, now I'm scared again and my flatmate is not home. Pull it together, woman!)

EDIT// Oh damn! I meant to publish the post on Sunday, put it turned 0:00 just as a pressed the button.

EDIT2// ... I guess now we know why I usually write about movies and not my life. With all due respect to my highly interesting life.


Harri said...

Haha, this was quite interesting a post actually! :D It made my day (morning at least), because I had a hooorrible night and I slept only couple of hours (damn you, fever!).

And yaay, The Social Network! Yaay for the ghost! And yaay for Jackie Chan!

Eeva said...

Ugh, fever. Get better soon, mate!

It's oddly fun to once in a while pretent that you're just writing a diary instead of a movie blog. Even if you're life isn't that exciting. :D But well, I'll still stick to movies in the future, unless I happen to invent a rival for Facebook or move to Hawaii or do something else as interesting...

But I will report if our ghost decides to act again!

(... Just burned my lunch. Shouldn't do two things at the same time, apparently...)