Jan 10, 2011

Movie Moment: time-stopping love at first sight

I was supposed to post one of these already last week, but I was busy lying deep in my bed, shivering from fever, so I guess I can be excused for the delay. The simple little idea of these simple little posts (that I'm intending to be posting once a week) is simply just that they give me a chance to say a word about some of my older favourites - films (and scenes, in particular) that I otherwise haven't had the time or place to mention. Let's see how this gets on, and whether I'll get bored in a month or make this a lasting custom.

Big Fish is one of my favourite Tim Burton films. It's a magical and vivid story about storytelling and what a pinch of imagination can do for an otherwise dull tale. When inside Edward Bloom's stories, anything can happen... So of course, when Edward meets his future wife, time stops, literally. I love the moment when he sweeps the popcorn out of his way... And how time then runs in extra speed afterwards. Genious. Oh and don't we all love Ewan McGregor? I know I do.


Harri said...

Haa, I read the title and I knew it was Big Fish!

I didn't like Big Fish much (I actually think it's quite irritating at the second view and one of the worst movies of Burton), but that scene is great! Definitely (a hard word to spell) a falling in love -scene to remember, it's almost perfect and aw so cute. :D

(Aand I'm posting this in too tired mood, and it's not even 9pm yet)

Harri said...

I really wonder what I've been thinking when posting that...:D Hmh, yeah but Big Fish isn't my favourite Burton film, though it's cute and visually stunning.

Eeva said...

It wasn't bad for a pre-9pm comment! ;) No, but seriously, your opinion is appreciated. And understood, kind of! I'm not certain if I myself would like it so much if I saw it right now for the first time. Big Fish was one of the first films I fell in love with after discovering the awesomeness of movies and therefore I hold it very dearly close to my heart. And well, I still find it extremely adorable and fascinating, and like you said, for eyes it's pure candy!