Jan 18, 2011

Movie Moment: men who wear skirts and still feel masculine enough to kill each other

So I was watching Clueless the other day. I know it's one of those movies that pretty much every female loved as a teenager and hold it close to their heart for the rest of their lifes because of the nostalgia value, but I only saw it for the first time now. (And I found the ending a bit, um, dubious? I mean, he wasn't her blood relative, but still. Ew? Though Paul Rudd is quite adorable.)

And as I thought about my own teenage favourites, Troy was the first one to come to my mind. Not because it was my number one favourite - it wasn't - but because just last week I spent one and a half unexpectedly amusing hours in the translation class listening the teacher (who is the biggest geek ever: he gave us a hand-out and it had some encouraging phrases on it to motivate us, like "Spide-Man never gives up! He always returns to the problem and defeats it on the second time!" Aw. He's growing on me.) having a monologue about Achilles being a ridiculous creep, because he just sits in his tent, moping, while others are fighting and dying. So, it seemed appropriate to choose this clip as the movie moment of the week.

Even though I now find Troy a bit silly and pretentious as a movie, and haven't felt the urge to watch it in a long time, I have to admit it still feels kind of special to me, because of all the fun I got out of it once upon a time. I saw Troy when I was 14, and I loved it, probably because, let's be honest, it had so much gorgeous men in it. Oh how many wonderful moments I spent playfully but passionately arguing with various friends about who's the best hero in the movie.

...And this it probably where I admit I was on Team Achilles. Couldn't resist those slowmotion killing move jumps and Brad Pitt's blond hair (a blond Greek? Weird, right?). I guess I should now give in and say that I was wrong and that Prince Hektor really is the man. Just look at the clip above, kick ass, Eric Bana! Even Orlando is kind of sweet... Oh no, now I know, I'll pick Sean Bean's Odysseys instead! I'll be his Penelope. Haha. Okay, enough about that. I'm not 14 anymore. I'm so over this. Hem hem.


Marja said...

No, no NO! Don't say things like that. You saw Troy in your teens? OMG! I'm feeling so old right now!

Eeva said...

:D Sorry! I'm such a kid. ;) I'll be 22 this year and if it makes you feel any better, I sometimes feel insanely old, too.

Marja said...

Seriously, shut up right now! You are not helping me... at all.

Anonymous said...

"I guess I should now give in and say that I was wrong and that Prince Hektor really is the man. "

JEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! :DDDDD I SHALL REMEMBER THIS DAY! Hektor! Hektor! Hektor! Halleluja! Tiesin että tämä päivä vielä tulisi jolloin näkisit valon!

... ah, nostalgiaa :')

Niin, ei tässä sen fiksumpaa sanottavaa ollut :D paitsi ai niin, vähän kiva että katsoit Troijan! Munkin piti katsoa se joululomalla, mutta aikaa ei ollut ja seurakin oli jotenkin väärää, mutta olen päättänyt syvästi että katson sen hiihtolomalla.

Eeva said...

Marja: Shutting up in three, two one... now.

Newi: Aw, I'm so busted. :D:D:D:D:D Noh noh. Näin siinä joskus käy. Jonkun piti antaa periksi ennemmin tai myöhemmin! Kai mun olisi tämä pitänyt jo silloin tajuta kun sä sait paperiisi enemmän nimiä kuin mä omaani. ;D

Niin ja en itseasiassa katsonut Troijaa vaikka sen täksi movie momentiksi valitsinkin, vaikka pitäisi kyllä! Ihan vaan sen suloisen nostalgian takia. ;) Ehkä koko leffan katsominen saisi myös minut perumaan sanani ja heiluttamaan taas Akilles-lippua, who knows... :D Sitten voitais taas väitellä!