Jan 6, 2011

Alex reads Twilight & Eeva laughs her head off

Still waiting for the damn flu to find something better to do than bullying me. I suppose it's really enjoying itself. Today I've been using this lovely, lovely spray, that burns your nostrils so much that your eyes water. It better help. Lying down and staring at the TV screen can be pretty nice for a day or two, but I'm getting a bit sick of it by now. 

Luckily, there is Alex. Alex is a twenty-something British fellow, who once upon a time read the first book of the Twilight series and videoed his reactions to each chapter. And its amazingly entertaining! That guy is so wonderfully witty and the points he makes are so spot-on is very hilarious. The first video is embedded below (here's the link). Do enjoy!

NB! Not recommended for a hardcore Twilight fan. You'll just get insulted and that's not nice, right? But if you are aware of the, with all due respect (because it's still Stephanie Meyer, not me, who sits comfily in his big house wondering what to do with all that money) poor quality of the writing and are willing to look at the book with a sense of humour, these videos are just for you.


Marja said...

Aww! I just saw the first "chapter". HIGH-larious! Gotta watch them all. I read the books, I liked them but I really agree with all the things the guy says on this video :D!

Eeva said...

Hahaa, glad you find it funny, too! It gets even more hilarious later on, enjoy... ;)

bubble said...

Thanks for sharing, this was hilarious indeed.. Have to watch the other chapters now ;) Too bad it's been awhile since I've read the book, can't remember everything properly. In the other hand, there's not much to remember, is there :P

Eeva said...

My pleasure. ;) I don't really remember much about the book either, but like you said - and I'm sure Alex would agree, too - not too much to remember!