Dec 22, 2010

Trailer for Hanna

I've been looking forward to Hanna since I heard about it, and by the looks of it I haven't been waiting for nothing. Saoirse Ronan is most probably one of future's big names; she's already snatched an Oscar nomination for Atonement, so deservingly. Now she rejoins forces with the Atonement director Joe Wright, and there's two good enough reasons to look forward to something. There's Cate Blanchett, too! And don't we all just love child assassins?

As a bonus, the story is partly set in Finland, which is of course cool for a humble little folk like us. Sure, it was actually shot in Germany, but anyway. Do you think they're actually trying to speak in a Finnish accent there, or just in some undefinable, random accent? I guess they're not Finnish, just living in Finland...? Anyway, Finnish accent must be terribly hard to acquire. It takes talent to sound so ugly, haha.

2011 looks gooooood.

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