Dec 17, 2010

There's the Jack I know aka Pirates 4 trailer

The first three Pirates of the Caribbean film were a lot of fun. Sure, the first one might have been the only one with a decent story, but hell, I'm always happy to sit back and watch Jack Sparrow steal every scene he's in. So, I'm definitely going to see this one as well, because who'd dare to say no to a couple of hours of fun? AND Johnny Depp, who seems to be even more in the centre this time than before, which no one of course minds at all. I bet we don't even remember to miss Orlando or Keira. In fact, Orlando who? Keira who? Just bring on some Johnny, I'm ready to be entertained!

P.S. Is is strange to already start looking forward to the DVD and the blooper reel? The first three have been some of the funniest outtakes ever, pretty much thanks to Johnny.

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