Jun 4, 2010

Girl power never dies: Spice World

As you can see, I changed the layout of my blog. AGAIN. I know. Do I get bored easily or what! I bet it won't take long until I find something wrong about this version, too... Oh well.

Today I celebrate my birthday by growing back down for 13 years.

Spice World (1997)

Directed by Bob Spiers. Starring Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Chrisholm, Melanie Brown, Victoria Beckham (or whatever she was called back then... Shame, I actually don't remember! ... ADAMS! Wasn't she?).

Long story short: It's five crazy days in the life of the Spice Girls!

Dear oh dear. To be young and drunken with girl power. I was a huge fan of Spice Girls in the golden 90s, just like pretty much every other girl of my age was. I bought some very tacky fan products, I dressed as them with my friends (I was Emma, of course, no other option for a blonde), I papered my walls with their posters and pictures, I wrote fan mail for them, I had their records on a casette and I liked to sing along with all of their songs (or "sing along". Didn't know the words of course. So it sounded more like this: Ateluvatavanvaturiiriivaa..! Translation, just in case: I'll tell you what I want what I really really want.). And I was so so jealous when a girl in my class got to go to their consert. Oh the pain and sorrow.

 I saw Spice World in cinema once upon a time, naturally. And it was awesome, naturally. I remember humming along and almost jumping at my seat during the last music number, oh, it was brilliant. I've watched it a couple of times after the mania faded out, and now, after quite a while, I decided I was once again in a need of a Girl Power fix.

Spice World is a silly, silly movie, but obviously it was made to be like that. If you look at it out of the context, from a serious and critical point of view, of course it's a terrible movie. Thus IMDb's 2.9 user rating. Sigh. It wasn't made to conquer the BAFTAs, you guys...

Spice World is a lot of fun, just having a laugh. It's a perfect trip down the memory lane. More than a decade later I still find it funny, in places even funnier than before, as I understand some jokes better. I mean come on, Roger Moore as the Chief, stroking all kinds of small white animals on his lap and uttering absurds "wisdoms", like 'When the rabbit of chaos is pursued by the ferret of disorder through the fields of anarchy, it is time to hang your pants on the hook of darkness. Whether they're clean or not.' Haha. Great stuff.

The girls are over-the-top parodies of their "personalities", Baby, Sporty, Posh... And they really can't act worth a damn, but hey, isn't that part of the idea? Like the guy who wants to make movie of the Spice Girls says, who cares whether thay can act or not! Spot on. Another great scene, where the movie is parodising itself, is the ridiculous chase through London in the end, while the screenwriter explains what is happening. The bus is approaching Tower Bridge, which is rising to let a boat go under it. Screenwriter: 'And they drive across the bridge anyway!' Movie Boss: 'That will be expensive...' A toy bus crosses a toy bridge. Movie Boss: 'Maybe not.'

And the songs... I know this is nostalgia speaking, but they are really great and catchy! They make everyone go crazy on the dance floor for a reason! They are feel-good songs, just like Spice World is a feel-good movie. Spice up your life and never give up on the good times and so on!

Okay, this clip is a must. Geri's 'Girl power! Equalization between the sexes, mmmh' cracks me up every time... And Victoria with her trademark fingers, haha.

Alrighty. Bye-bye Spice Girls, see you again in about five years!

"Is it a boy or girl?"
"It's a beetroot!"

Now I'll return to the wild celebration! ... Mmh. Earlier today I was babysitting my nephew and next I'll wait for someone to go and buy me some ice cream. Wild! I once had a Spice Girls themed birthday party. The circle is complete, I guess. And boy am I a mature grown-up now! ... Oh well.


Pia said...

Lots of laugh! :D what a great idea, ahahaha!
That was something that really kicked back then! -97...hmmm. I was 12 year old...maybe I should also take that nostalgia tour to spiceworld :DD Hilarious!

Eeva said...

I can warmly recommend the nostalgia tour! ;)