Jun 28, 2010

Five Top Fives: A Lost Special

I promise this will be the last post about Lost in... a while. I'll shut up about it until I begin my marathon... which means you won't be hearing anything about Lost for at least three weeks, if we're lucky! Haha. No, really. I know this isn't an interesting topic for everyone, but I need to babble about it until the word 'lost'  itself makes me sick. Which might take a while. Anyway. Here's five lists from the world of Lost, in other words, 5 Lost Lists.

(First one negative list and then good old praise praise praise!) And again, SPOILER ALERT!


1. The explanation about the statue and the Black Rock. I mean blah. I try not to bitch about the explanations the writers are kind enough to grant us, and as I've said before, the drama part of the show has always been more important to me than the mystery part, but COME ON. It just doesn't really make sense to me that a wooden ship breaks a statue made of stone (so that only one foot remains) and then lands a good distance away in the jungle. Hhhhhnng. I am okay with overlooking a lot, but just... hnnnnngh. 

2. The Lighthouse. Both the episode and the building itself. At this stage of the show I just wasn't up for another mysterious place, another mystery without an upcoming explanation. It didn't feel very significant. And I think that episode was the weakest on the season. Again, Jack is having daddy issues, only difference is that now he's the daddy. 

3. Jin and Sun not speaking Korean to each other. They see each other for the first time in three long years, and they don't speak their native language? WHY OH WHY? At least their last words were in Korean, thank god. 

4. Sun loosing the ability to speak English. Couldn't see the point. 

5. Shannon being Sayid's "soul mate". Well, you know. I see why they chose to do this, but I always saw Nadia as Sayid's true love. He loved her before and after Shannon, whom he loved only for a couple of steamy weeks. I guess it's the island's magic.

1. Penelope Widmore. Desmond and Penny are my favourite couple of Lost. I wanted a happily ever after for them so much, and though I didn't quite get it, I'm glad all the same. Sonya Walker is very beautiful and she has a wonderfully warm smile. And again I have to mention the phone call in The Constant. So so so sweet and touching. 

2. Martin Keamy. Why? Because Keamy is E V I L. Like hard core E V I L. There's no doubt about this, no possibility that somewhere deep inside he has a sensitive heart. No no no. He's just E V I L all the way. 

3. Tom Friendly. On season 2 he was scary as hell. By season 3 he'd become a very sympathetic character and I was actually sad to see Sawyer doing his merciless kill. Luckily we got more Tom later. And by the way, Tom throwing a football is very funny. 

4. Leslie Artz. Did I spell it right? Artz is always a source of a good laugh. Shame he blew up. (Not really.) "Dude... You've got some Arntz on you" is a legendary quote. 

5. Neil Frogurt. Congratulations! You've been chosen as the most annoying character on Lost! I was only glad to see you go.

EDIT// I effing forgot Carmen Reyes. Damn. Anyway. She rocks.


1. Detective Straume & detective Ford. First, check this out. Wouldn't this just be the most awesome tv show ever? Second... nah. I think that says it all. Pure awesomeness. In uniforms. With badges. Armed. 

2. Charlie & Hurley. It's sweet sweet sweet. They have their fights and differences, but in the end, it's just sweet. This is the most genuine friendship formed on the island. I love their goodbyes - and that only Charlie knows it really is a final goodbye. 

3. Miles & Hurley. This was an unlikely friendship. All the way from season four's "Great... The ship sent us another Sawyer", this twosome has worked very well together. Their time travel chat on season 5 is just golden, and so are their conversations in Some Like It Hoth. Oh and they are stangely connected by the ability to talk to the dead. 

4. James & Jack. Most of the time these two are arguing, kicking each other's asses or just generally not on good terms. But think about the great scenes they've shared! "Me? I'm in the wild", "Right behind you, jackass", Sawyer admiting that Jack's the closest thing he has for a friend after the death of Ana Lucia, the poker, the ping pong match... And above all, the scene where Sawyer tells Jack that he met his father in Sydney. It's brilliant. 

5. Kate & Juliet. There aren't that many great female friendships on the island. But this one I like, even though it's not a very strong friendship. I remember someone saying that in other circumstances, Juliet and Kate probably would've been best friends. And yes, why not? There was just always a love triangle (or whatever it's called when there are four participants) or something going on, preventing them from developing a friendship. But I very much like the scene on season 5 where Kate arrives at Dharmaville, and Juliet saves her from an awkward situation and they "formally" introduce themselves.

...Oh no oh no oh noooooo! I forgot something very very essential. Terrible. I forgot John & Ben! I feel ashamed. I make sure I'll punish myself in an appropriate fashion. All the way from Lockdown on season 2 this twosome has had an unquestionably great chemistry. Their scenes are always great, whether they happen to be on the same side or not. One of their best scenes is the season 3 finale, with Ben talking about time travelling bunnies and Locke making him annoyed by bringing up 'the magic box', once again. Haha.


1. Lost Bloopers. They just rock. Season two and three have the best ones. (Well, one, too. And four. And come to think of it, five is quite funny too. Hmm.) Dominic Monaghan is hilarious. And Terry O'Quinn. And Harold Perrineau. And Josh Holloway. And again, I love Elizabeth Mitchell's cackling laughter. 

2. Commentaries. I generally like commentaries. The one I've listened to the most times must be Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof's commentary on season 3 finale, There's no place like home. It's a double episode and they get a little tired. It's very funny. 

3. The Island Backlot: Lost in Hawaii. A little feature showing how they transform Hawaii into Korea, Irak, London, Sydney, Tunisia, wintery Berlin... It's so cool. 

4. Lost Book Club. I like this feature a lot, and it always makes me want to read all the books mentioned. Plus this: Carlton explains how the characters are not only physichally lost, they are also lost in their lives, and Damon interrupts him by looking a bit amused and saying something like: "I never though about it like that. That's deep." And as you know, Damon is one of the original creators of the show. Haha. Great stuff. 

5. Channel 4 promo. This is so so good! Possibly the best promo ever. It's close to being too artsy, but no, it's just very very cool.


1. The Final Season of LOST as Seen by Someone Who Has Never Seen blog. The title says it all. This is a blog of a guy who watches season 6 of Lost, without seeing the previous seasons. In a word, it's hilarious. He writes in a wonderfully sarcastic and straight-forward way, making the happenings on the show sound even more absurd than they actually are. He highfives with Miles and mocks Jack for being an incompetent doctor. And let's not forget the illustrations. I've had a lots of fun reading the blog, and I warmly recommend it to you, too. 

2. Connect Four Million video. This one's from Jimmy Kimmel's show. The video itself starts at 1:01. It's funny. "Pretty sneaky, bro!" 

3. Artwork by fans site. Here's a collections of fanmade Lost pictures. There're some real gems there, I recommed you glance through them! 

4. Season 6 preparations video. There are six of these, each of them has a different theme. Someone used A LOT of their time making these videos, and it shows. They are very very cool. 

5. Oceanic 815 crash in real time video. ... And so is this! This video shows what happened in the plane and each part of the island during the crash. 24 style!

God. This took me a while.


Harri said...

Good post ! Checking out all those vids and links will take me some time while waiting your Lost-marathon posts.

I really second with you in that Lighthouse -thing. I didn't like the episode much. Whole building just pop up out of blue to the island. Shannon and Sayid being soul mates is another thing I dislake. Though it was nice to see her in the finale.

Eeva said...

I agree that it was pretty great to meet Shannon again in the finale, although the context wasn't that great. I suppose that was the only sensible way the writers could think of to include her to the finale. Oh well.

Hope you have fun with the links! :)