Jun 9, 2010

The Deathly Hallows hype begins... now!

Looks pretty good. Just saying. But I really am looking forward to this a lot. Deathly Hallows is my favourite book (not only of the series, but maybe... favourite book ever? Hmm. Maybe.) and now that they cut it in two, it might have a chance to actually be very very good. And anyway, I always enjoy a Potter film, even they weren't that good. And they usually aren't, haha. But the expectations are high for this one, even though I think the trailer could've been better. It's better than the first one, though. But the pissed off Ron is ah! Sorry, I have a thing for that fellow.

Ps. Watched the season finale of Glee and aww, it was sweeeeeet and man I will miss that show. I don't know when it's comming back, but apparently not this year. I'd almost forgotten what it is like to wait for a new season of a good show. Not nice, but at least I have one good show to wait for... I'm still searching for something to replace Lost. Well, nothing ever will, really. (Insert a theatrical sigh here.)

Pps. Got over my Boy A angst. For now.


Harri said...

Yeah, hype really begins now! Awesome trailer and awesome book, it's my second favourite from the series. Prisoner of the Azkaban is the best in my opinion (and I like the movie version too)

The last book is maybe hardest to transform in to the movie, because there's a lot of things going on at the end but first half of the book is quite slow. Page 405 (in English version) would be nice place to end the firs part.

Eeva said...

Prisoner of the Azkaban is awesome too! Number three on my list, The Goblet of Fire is slightly better, I think.

I'm so glad they cut it in two, it would've been imbossible to fit all that in one film. That's always been the problem with Potter films, too complex a story and too little time. So they either leave story lines out or desperately try to fit everything in, like in GoF and that wasn't good either. But let's hope for the best with these last two!

And page 405 would be a very very good ending. Interesting to see what they'll decide to do...