Apr 1, 2012

The Hunger Games, Round Two

I visited Panem again today. I was still a very enjoyable experience! (Believe me, it was, despite what I'm going to say next.)

Movie-Peeta is still a bit whiny and sissy. I spotted the key scenes that kind of make him lame and not right for me: 1) When he says he knows he can't win, and even his mom thought so. He sounds bitter at Katniss, like he was making himself a martyr. He should be calmer; hurt, of course, but hiding it, for Katniss. That's how I always saw it in my head. 2) When he waves at the Capitol people from the train, smiling idiotically. Haymitch's comment saves a lot, even though to me Peeta really doesn't look like "he knows what he's doing", he just looks like he likes the attention and the shiny Capitol. 3) When they show his score; again, he cares way too much about himself and a stupid score, and looks happy and relieved that he didn't make a fool out of himself. He should've just made some dry comment about sacks of flour as lethal weapons. 4) When Katniss finds him by the stream and treats his wounds and it looks bad. I can't get over the absence of "You here to finish me off, sweetheart?"... The scenes in the cave make Peeta look weak and fragile, a simple little boy, and he really is not that.

On the other hand, I also paid attention to the things that made Peeta feel like the real Peeta. He's not a total loss... 1) Joking with Ceasar in his interview. 2) The "I don't want them to change me" speech. 3) When he screams for Katniss to run in her "hallucination". 4) The bow joke. 5) When they announce that there is only one winner after all, and he tells Katniss to shoot him. 6) When he touches her braid. I also liked the final scene better now than last time. I mean, it really isn't that clear that it was mostly a game for Katniss and Peeta is extremely hurt, but chooses to be the bigger man and all that, but if you know what is going on in the characters' heads, it works quite well.

Jennifer is still the perfect Katniss.

Seneca Crane's beard still held my gaze every second it was on screen.

The District 11 scene was still spectacular, and the goosebumps were terrific.

...Ahem. This really was not the kind of post that I was supposed to write. Really. I guess I just care too much about my Peeta. But I don't think it's a coincidence that three out of three of the people I know who saw the movie but didn't read the books weren't very amazed by Peeta. And as you know, among the fans of the books, Peeta is probably the biggest favorite. I suppose I should be extremely mad that they didn't get him 100 % right in the movie (I certainly thought I would be if this were to happen), but nah, I don't know. It's just the movie. The real Peeta is still the most lovable thing ever, and nothing can take that away.

I feel like reading the books, again.

EDIT// I actually turned my laptop back on to write this. Haha, obsessive much? Anyway, about Haymitch! He wasn't drunk enough. Or mean enough. After his first scene he pretty much turns into a jolly fellow, who very clearly likes Katniss. No "Stay alive". No "Did I actually get a pair of fighters this year?". No "You've got about as much charm as a dead slug". It is actually easy to like the movie-Haymitch, which means something is definitely wrong.

...Oh my god, can you see what I'm turning into? Next I'll start nit-picking about Buttercup being black instead of orange. Or about Effie not saying "It's a big, big big day!" even once. That was quite a shame, actually... Aw, bed! Now woman!


Noora said...

I saw this movie last tuesday and it was only few days later when I realized what bothered me so much, or the most: some of the characters and the way they were and especially the movie version of Haymitch (and yes, Peeta too)! Of course not everything can be exactly like it was in the books, but come on! If the character is supposed to be rude and drunk, why do they make him so nice and likeable?

I've also noticed that people who haven't read the books don't like Peeta very much... He was so... blah. The writers didn't use the character's full potential, such a shame. :(

Traileririnki said...

Well, you obviously have a crush on Peeta but on what basis do you think he is so loveable?! I have to committ that I have a male, a bit elderly point of view to the story, and to my mind Peeta seems quite sissy and looserish...

I haven't seen the movie, and i DO NOT want to be a troll here, but what I have read so far from the books ( in the middle of the second one) even Katniss isn't so sure about him. And she really under the influence of the eyelashes and all.....

When it comes to Haymitch in the books - he is a total drunk in Katniss's eye. But still he manages to help to keep the couple alive and give secret hints all the time...

Love the books - can't wait to see the film(s)!!

Eeva said...

Noora: Indeed! Haymitch was perfect in his first scene, but after that he turned way too nice way too fast. Katniss is supposed to think that he hates her! And Peeta, yeah. Annoying!

Traileririnki: Crush? Agh, no, let's not say crush, ok? :D I'd like to think I'm past those silly teenager emotions... I just think Peeta is a wonderful and, yes, extremely lovable character! I'm kind of a surprised everyone can't see that! Sissy and looserish? That's exactly how I would describe the movie-Peeta, but the original one...?

I'm interested, why do you think he's like that? Because he's not as obviously bad-ass with weapons and kiling and such as many other characters in the series? Or because he's so frank and open about his feelings? Or because he's so noble and just and kind and humble and forgiving, and never pretends to be anything he's not and always has the right thing to say, and the way he acts with Katniss, choosing to be the bigger man when everyone else would be just hurt and matryrish and bitter, and aww that self-deprecating humor, I think that might me the best thing about him!

Haha, I think I answered your question about on what basis I think he's lovable... From the start I always found myself rooting for him, because when someone is that good without being annoying or boring, you just want them to end up ok. But seriously, I'd like to know what it is about him exactly that rubs you the wrong way?

When it comes to Katniss's relationship to Peeta, I think it's great how she's not sure about him or how she feels towards him. The third book brings a whole new aspect to the dynamics of the couple, and it affects a lot on how she sees him. And well, the eyeslash thing, that's pretty much the only scene in the trilogy where Katniss actually pays that kind of attention to someone's looks. Which is just one reason why Katniss rocks and is such a great young female character!

Haha, I obviously have a lot to say about this topic.

Hope you enjoy the film, and yeah, I'm already so much looking forward to the next one!

Traileririnki said...

What bothers me in Peeta and the story in general is this. Katniss is described, maybe because of the book is written in her point of view , as a person who is strong, takes care of herself and her family and who doesn't let the vanities get on her way. I value this very high because this kind of role models we (or the youth, actually) need. Peeta and Gale are pretty hollow characters who seem to have the attributes of normal "twilight-saga". As you said it, Katniss rocks, but the guys seem to only shake.. In every turn Peeta needs to be helped and he gets wrong answers to his confessions from Katniss. He is the one telling his feelings alright but sadly they don't resonate on the same frequency in Katniss. The whole relationship started, or came out of the closet, as an Haymitch orchestrated thing which on Peeta side was true but on Katniss's side they were a show... As I do like Katniss's strong character, or love even, it is still a bit uncomfortable to me to accept all the manipulation which is teached to young women these days in certain magazines... I shouldn't go very deep on that or I won't shut my iMac all night... Well, I did watch movie "500 days of Summer" last night and i have read my Sinuhe Egyptian long time ago... Maybe Katniss did not bring up any never-nefer-nefer similarities but Peeta definitely reminded me of Sinuhe...

BUahhahhahhahaa to you, maybe this was a hot topic for me also ;D

Eeva said...

Ok, I think I can see where you're coming from. Gale and Peeta are definitely not as strong, solid and outstanding as characters as Katniss is. They are, after all, there to support her story. But I don't want to make any comparisons to Twilight, because that would be offensive to the quality of the story and writing of The Hunger Games. Haha.

Your point about manipulation is interesting! I never looked at that aspect as a problem, just because I'm just so happy that for a change they're teaching to those young women something other than how to be a good little girl and "Your life is only complete with a man on your side" and "You need to dedicate your life to attracting men and appearing desirable and pleasing your boyfriend" and "The best kind of boyfriend is a sparkly, obsessive, over-protective stalker who wants to kill you by sucking your blood dry" and blah blah blah.

I haven't read Sinuhe but now I'm kinda interested! :D

Marja said...

I agree that Peeta seemed like a little puppy at times, not like the character I formed in my mind when I read the book. That really annoyed the s**t out of me. I really like Hutchenson so this was a bit of a blow to me. I hope Peeta grows a backbone in time for Catching Fire.

Eeva said...

Marja: Yes, one can only hope! It wasn't about Josh, it was about the script and the direction... I know, I just know that Josh has the potential to be a great, great Peeta! Just let him!