Apr 14, 2012

Aboard Titanic 3D

I know the day is bound to arrive sometime. Sooner or later I will watch Titanic and realize that the magic is gone; that it doesn't make me feel as strongly it used to; that I have finally seen the film too many times and it has lost its charm. I guess it's inevitable. However, today is not that day. I just came back from the cinema after three emotionally exhausting and thrilling hours. Oh dear, what a film. Even on the six millionth watch.

Having been too young back in 1997, this was my first chance to see Titanic on big screen, and I wasn't going to miss that chance. My experience was almost ruined by the most idiotic audience I've ever watched a movie with in my whole life, but not even a stupid bunch of noisy idiots can change the fact that I love Titanic and the story absorbed me in once again, despite the unfortunate disturbances in the world on my side of the screen.

The 3D wasn't necessary, but it didn't bother me very much either. Only the stupid, heavy glasses did, but I forgave them because they ended up being very useful in blocking out everything around me. I couldn't even see the people sitting next to me, and I knew they couldn't see me, so I felt free to let the tears flow, haha. Nearer My God To Thee is a guaranteed tearjerker, every single time, I swear...

Titanic on big screen was everything I expected it to be; constant goosebumps, frequent tears, and looking forward to pretty much every single scene. (The movie has the same effect on me, no matter the size of the screen, but never mind...) It just never gets old, or if it does, not anytime soon. I find it oh so hard to understand people who loathe or feel indifferent about this movie. It's such a great, epic story! The historical framework is fascinating, and the portrayal of the accident so horrifying and touching. And come on, who wouldn't be moved, at least a tiny little bit, by the young and intense love of the wonderfully tragic and incredibly good-looking main couple. Ah, just ah! It's so epic. I swear, the world didn't know epic before 1997.

I've had a massive Titanic post on the works for a very, very long time, and I'm now determined to finnish it. So stay tuned for more, much more ramble about Titanic, which I by the way today name my favourite film of all time. Ask me again tomorrow and I will have changed my mind, but come on, it's the 14th of April, 2012, after all.

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