Apr 8, 2012

Stupid obsession, go (or slip) away

I giggled at the picture on the left for five minutes and then thought I'd share it, which means:

1) I should to go to sleep now.

2) I need to stop! I need to find something else to obsess over! It'll be forever before Catching Fire comes out, and you can only read the books so many times... You Tube and Tumblr are limited sources of entertainment and the IMDb boards are not a place to be, if you're not an idiot. The ways to channel my fixation are a bit scarce. I even thought about looking into some Hunger Games fanfiction, and that's when I realized I really need to take a break and find myself a new obsession. Enough is enough. This HG thing has been going on far too long. Maybe I'll read Mockingjay one more time and then I'm done for at least a year! (...But there are much worse obsessions to obsess over.........)

3) I still keep giggling at the picture. Boy with the bread. And there's a boy holding a bread. Hihihihihi. Slipping away. Eh heh heh... "Whee!" Hehehe.


Noora said...

I may not share this particular obsession of yours but as a person who has lots of obsessions I have news for you: obsessions won't go away. You can find new things to obsess over, but if you just find a new obsession it will be far worse than the old one. Just embrace the obsession!

Hahahahaha I just realized how crazy I sound. :D Maybe there is a rehab for people like you and me. Or maybe we can just continue being this way and read IMDb boards, although they are full of idiots and make me mad, and then we can read super crappy fanfiction, although sometimes it actually makes me nauseous or embarrassed. Good times...

No, seriously, I don't know about you but sometimes it feels that I could use some therapy... :D

Eeva said...

Oh yes, I know there is no cure for this obsessive nature :D It just gets boring if one obsession lasts too long! Good thing I have so many of them so it's relatively easy to move from one to another and back again. ;) I'm doing quite well right now, there's been hardly any HG-related things in my life in the past two days. Instead, I've been watching (go ahead and laugh) the good old Pokémon episodes! :D And luckily Glee is coming back so there a good chance to act obsessive. This is a wonderful way of life, really, no need for therapy as far as I'm concerned. ;)