Apr 24, 2012

Shit just got girly

Life is like Chocolat turns two today. That means it's been exactly two years since that lonely, post-stomach bug Saturday night, when I started my blogging career, which has since branched outside the comfortable zone of movie blogging, as I keep creating new blogs like it's crack, or something. Not that I know if it's approapriate to compare this to crack, I don't know anything about crack, I'm just trying to sound tough to compensate for the girly bug that has just struck my beloved blog. Sorry to say this but I really like this new layout. Girly is good.

What makes this anniversary even more disgustingly girly is that I watched The Notebook today, in the name of a bittersweet tradition. I'm still suffering from the silly fact that I happened to watch Dear John on the day I created this blog. And I need to have traditions, so I have to make myself watch a Nicholas Sparks film every year, every single year! It's torture. Like I wrote last year: "Shame it was indeed a Sparks movie I happened to watch on the day I created my blog, and not one of those extremely highbrow and intellectual art house films I usually watch every night. Ahem." I still stick to that statement. And The Notebook still sucked. It sucked when I was sixteen and it still does.

(Okay, there were one or two scenes that I liked, and where I might've felt a little something, but overall it's such a boring and cheesy story. It's the favorite movie of Marissa from The O.C. which quite fitting because she's equally boring and cheesy. Haha. Anyway.)

Happy birthday to my blog. Next year you'll reach the negative age of three, and I'll be watching The Lucky One. Can't wait, ha! I really need to get rid of this tradition at some point...

If you're wondering what Kate has to do with all of this; well, I don't know. But she's just so pretty.


Noora said...

Have you ever tried reading Nicholas Sparks? If the movies suck, the books suck even harder. :D I actually have Dear John in my bookshelf, I bought it couple years back because I wanted something light to read on the train... Well, it was definitely light and it was so cheesy and blah and I didn't like the way it was written and it took several months for me to finish the damn book. What a waste of time. :D

Eeva said...

Unfortunately, I have.:D I've read at least A Walk To Remember, which was just, well, blah. The way he writes is so annoying.