Mar 29, 2011

What (else) I saw in February

Das Experiment (2001)

Please tell me we're not really like this. (And yet, as the film is based on the real Stanford Prison Experiment conducted in 1971, I guess we kind of are.) In the experiment a bunch of volunteered men are divided into two groups. One group is locked into cells while the others are given the role of prison guards. They're left by themselves, but are constantly observed by the researchers. They're ordered to stay in character at all times, but never resort into violence. And why would they? They're just ordinary people with nothing against each other! Right? Das Experiment reminded me a lot about the classic novel The Lord of the Flies, as they both look at group dynamics and the frailty of human morality in extreme situations. The film was very interesting and quite horrifying at times, but definitely recommended! (Don't know about the recent American remake, but I bet the original is much, much better.)

Persepolis (2007)

One of the the best animated non-kids'-movies I've ever seen! Not that I've seen too many. I should educate myself on this area (too), though! The main character Marji has to be one of my favourite female characters of the recent years, because she's just so cool, in a realistic way. Persepolis is funny, sweet, sad, original, with an interesting visual look and clever ideas about what growing up is like and how where you come from have an effect on where you're going. And listening to French is kind of nice, even though I didn't understand a word...
How to Train Your Dragon (2009)

This was a positive surprise! Apparently it's not only Pixar that does awesome animations, but DreamWorks gets lucky too once in a while. The hero of the story, a young viking called Hiccup, is charming as heck in his haplessness and awkwardness. Didn't realise he was voiced by Jay Baruchel. (And there were also voices by people like Gerald Butler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Ashley Jensen of Extras! Well, I feel quite deaf now.) The dragons were cool and I bet this would've looked nice in 3D. Though of course it looked nice in 2D, too. We don't need 3D. Down with 3D.

Luftslottet Som Sprängdes (2009)

 The first instalment of the Millenium trilogy remains my favourite. For me, it felt like the only one with a clear, coherent storyline, or at least the most interesting one: there was a mystery and it needed to be solved. Still, watching Noomi Rapace is never too tough a job, so I enjoyed this film, too, and if they ever make more of these, I'll see them. (I just read somewhere that there might be a script for another book, after all.)
Step Up (2006)

I do kind of like dance flicks.

And I even almost warmed up for Channing Tatum.


Still, a movie can't get much cheesier.

Also, I watched some John Hughes films. But I'm working on some special posts for them... which I will hopefully finish some time before Christmas. Sigh. (I should've published this post in the first days of March, not the last... Oh well. Letting life get in the way isn't always so bad.)


bubble said...

Awwh, wanna see Das Experiment! I've seen the remake, it's pretty good but I bet this one's better. But there's Adrien Brody in the American version.. ;)

Also gotta see the Millennium Trilogy, I've had it recorded for ages but just haven't had time to watch it through, and no matter how cheesy, if there's dancing involved, Step Up is on my list too :)

Reta said...

Oi, How To Train Your Dragon oli kyllä viime vuoden söpöin elokuva. Olen samaa mieltä, kerrankin Dreamworks teki jotain kivaa. En yleensä lämpene Dreamworksin huumorille.

Eeva said...

bubble: I shoudl check out the remake just because of Adrien Brody. ;)

Reta: No juu! Tykkään myös kahdesta ekasta Shrekistä, mutta muuten studion tuotanto on ollut vähän keskinkertaista...

Anonymous said...

Waiting for John Hughes- stuff over here ~_~/

Eeva said...

Hihii. It was actually you who kind of inspired me into exploring this area previously unknown to me! ^^