Mar 19, 2011

Hey solitary Saturday, I've missed you

  What a nice day today! One of those I haven't had in a long time. One of those filled with nothing else but movies! Ah! I've missed days like this! Well, I did go and do an exam in the morning (if noon can still be counted as morning) and I even did pretty well, I think. During the exam I spotted a boy who looked just like Jesse Eisenberg, and I also fell into some sweet nostalgia, because the girl who sat in the seat in front of me had perfume on that reminded me of the smell of the hotel in England I used to work in. Weird.
Then I came home and then I watched three movies and then I rewatched the latest episode of Glee (insert multiple hearts here) and then I began to write a post while trying to decide which movie to see next (too much, Mr Schue? Not even close!). I think it'll be Benjamin Button, though I'm not quite sure if I'm up for it this time of the day.
 OR I could just turn off the lights and lie on my bed and listen to the Glee version of Blackbird over and over... because that sounds wonderfully sane.

Oh, what is this post about anyway? ... I honestly tried to come up with something, but no. But I'd count it as a major achievement that I'm actually writing an actual post! Even if its topic might yet be a bit undetermined. And will probably remain so.

Now I think I'll take a chance and put Benjamin Button on. I'll just keep thinking about the prize (the 20-year-old-looking Brad Pitt) that'll be waiting for me in the end, and I should be able to sat it through. I have to enjoy myself tonight, because tomorrow I again have to face the reality which includes A LOT of school work and no time for four movies a day.

Have a good night, y'all.


bubble said...

Heyy, great post, even if a bit undetermined - those are the best sometimes ;)

The last Glee episode (first season's finale) was a real tear breaker, I just cried and cried and cried.. Oh dear.

Have a nice Saturday! Still two hours left :)

Reta said...

^Hah I agree with bubble, even though my last episode was Original Song. (Okey, I didn't cry. But I was moved.)
Blackbird was adorable. I was waiting for colfer's solo, because he hasn't really sing anything after Baby, it's cold outside (expect Animal with darren criss, but he had only a few own lines)
Waiting for what you'll write to Please Glee Out! ;)

Eeva said...

bubble: Haha, thanks! Determined posts are so overrated ;)

I loooove the season one finale, it's one of the best episodes so far!

Oh and I did have a nice rest of the Saturday, even though I never managed to put Benjamin Button on... I just watched Glee videos from Youtube. Again. Sigh. :D

Reta: Oh, yes, Original Song... <3 And Blackbird. <3 And everything. <3 I will write about the ep as soon as I find a good moment for it. There sure is a lot to write about...