Mar 30, 2011

Some uncharacteristic fuss over a pair of shoes

If I ever fell in love with a pair of shoes at first sight... That's one awesome pair of heels! Now, if I was really into craft and a really handy kind of person, I certainly would snitch the idea and make myself a collection of heels like that, with different texts in them. I'm not. But I like the idea, anyway.

...Never mind, though, I wouldn't be able to take one step with heels like that, or even stand in one place without falling down and breaking a dozen bones. Maybe with someone to support me, I could.

You have just read the first and quite possibly the last fashion-related post of this blog. Though who knows, maybe one of these days I'll become a real talented and fashion-conscious craftsperson, who makes awesome shoes. And knows how to walk with crazy heels.

Btw, hasn't little Georgie Henley grown up since I last saw her in a Narnia film? Which was the first one, but anyway.

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