Mar 31, 2011

25 years of genius (aka Pixar) in five minutes

Aw. Love. Just, love.

Now where are all my Pixar DVDs when I need them?


Anna said...

Seeing this made me do a little Pixar marathon a while back, so lovely.

I love Michael Giacchino's music (he's done Up and Ratatouille and Lost ..) he is amazing!

Eeva said...

Ooh, yes, I adore Michael Giacchino! He did just a wonderful job with Lost (my all time favourite TV show!), and the music playing in the 'growing old montage' in the beginning of Up... I'm so glad he got his Oscar.

And yes, I immidiately began to plan a Pixar marathon.

Marja said...

Aaaw! I loved this!

Eeva said...

Totally ;)