Feb 27, 2011

Some pre-Oscar sentiments

Tonight's the night! And I figured this might me a good time for me to wake the blog up from its sudden hibernation. Life's been a bit of a roller-coaster recently... February was a bit weird from the beginning, and as if my poor head wasn't already spinning badly enough after the news that I'll be spending the fall in the U.S., the next day my grandfather passed away and my spirits were hurled from extreme high to extreme low in a split second. So I took a little break from blogging. But life resumes. And so does blogging.

Now, the Oscars. I don't feel as well prepared for the big night as I sometimes have been, and as I should be. I hadn't even had the time or the mood to feel excited until yesterday, when I was planning tonight with a friend and I realised how cool and awesome it will be once again. I haven't seen as many of the Best Picture nominees as I was supposed to, as I've only seen six instead of the possible eight: didn't go see True Grit because of all the recent mayhem and Black Swan won't come to my local cinema until next week, damn it. Winter's Bone will probably never even make it this far and frankly, I don't give a damn about The Fighter. I haven't seen many boxing movies but I've seen enough to know they're not for me.

I also forgot to print the Oscar ballot from IMDb, so I scribbled my predictions down on a piece of paper. And no, I will not share them with you, at least not yet. I think this year my goal with the predictions is to get none right. I mean, of course Toy Story 3 will win every single category it's nominated in, right? (Well, it'll win some. But not all. Though it damn well should, says I.)

Some positive things. 1) Due the said lack of time and mood, I also haven't been following the experts' predictions as much as usually. Which I've found quite nice! Maybe some of the results will even surprise me a little. 2) RDJ will present! 3) Tonight I get to stuff myself with food until I bloat, because that's a significant part of the Oscars. 4) I was able to stay up late last night, so tonight should be a piece of cake. Not that it's ever been particularly challenging. As soon as the show begings, sleeping is the last thing on your mind.

Aw, it'll be awesome. I just hope The King's Speech won't win the Best Picture.


Reta said...

Ah, Oscarit. Tänä vuonna pystyn katsomaan ne, koska on lukuloma eikä tarvitse maanantaina herätä minnekään. :)

Eeva said...

Itsekin sain valvoa ilman huonoa omaatuntoa, kun seuraavana päivänä oli vain yksi myöhäinen luento. Sinnekin tosin menin vain torkkumaan...