Feb 10, 2011

Movie Moment: waking up in Vegas (...or Tampere?)

The Movie Moment of the Week can be found under this link. It involves a promise of a night to remember, a tiger, a chicken, a missing tooth... It's the worst morning-after ever!

(... And it is hopefully NOT what my Sunday morning will look and feel like.) This weekend I'm going to be frolicing around Tampere in red overalls, so I'll therefore be silenced until next week, when I'm back in blogging business. Assuming I'm in a good enough shape to sit up in front of a laptop, I mean.


Marja said...

Ah, student parties... how I miss them.. sometimes... But not the mornings after :). ENJOY!

Eeva said...

Ah, yes, student parties... Some are better than others, but this was one of the best ever. And the morning after was very pleasant, actually! (Maybe because it was already morning when I went to bed...)