Feb 14, 2011

Saturday in three pictures and thirty seven words

Learn the art of Kyykkä. Three games played. Three games lost.

Have a break from drinking. Enjoy Kurt and Burt.

Dance Macarena so that your muscles are still sore on Monday. Go to sleep in the morning.


Harri said...

At first I was like "Kyykkä who?" but then I realized. :D Macarena is cool but I think that Asereje is even worse - dancing it feverishly is like doing sports. :D

And hah, thirty NINE words, actually. ;)

Eeva said...

Haha, yeah, that was a bit misleading sentence. But Kyykkä is a noble sport, and I only REALLY sucked in the beginning.

What makes Macarena real excercise is the last dance move when you crouch down and back up again. And I really went all the way down every time. Gee, my thighs are killing me! :D

39? Oops! (Humanisti mikä humanisti...)

Harri said...

Alright, I can almost believe that...I bet you were really good at Kyykkä...

Crouching down? I've never done that, I've been just bending my arms etc. easy stuff! Now I understand why Macarena can be muscle-killing...:D

(Lyhyt matikka täälläkin, tosin ei ole yhtään kymppiä huonompaa arvosanaa ;))

Eeva said...

No, really, I was truly LOUSY at first. :D Ask anyone. Then I kind of found the touch and was all right. Still, didn't help us win. Like we really cared. :D

Haha, yeah, I do it hard core! HC Macarena. And I feel it. Hurts to get up from the bed.

(Lukion lyhyen matikan keskiarvo kaunis kuutonen. :D Eli olen todellinen humanisti.)

Anonymous said...

Hihi, you're cute ^_^!

Eeva said...

Haha, I have my moments. ;)