Oct 8, 2010

Lost Season Three - it's US vs. THEM and I'm cheering for THEM


Number of episodes / Days it took me: 23 / 10 (Now that's more like it! Could do even better, though.)

What goes on on season 3: There's a war! I like the Others, so I hope they'll win. Jack, Kate and Sawyer are imprisoned by the Others. Jack bonds with an Other, Juliet. Kate and Sawyer bond, too. Yikes, I feel a love square coming on! Jack is forced to do a surgery on Ben and Sawyer & Kate get away, and then Kate goes back to rescue Jack, but he doesn't want to be rescued because the Others have promised he can go home, but John blows up the submarine so they just all get back to their camp and Juliet is with them too, and that's a bit awkward. Whoo, eight clauses, one sentence! Hmm, I can do better. Like this: When the Hatch exloded it blew off Desmond's underwear and also gave him psychic powers, so now he can see the future, or flashes of it, and he sees that Charlie is going to die, and he tries to stop it for a while, but because - as Eloise Hawking says (though we don't yet know that's her name) - the universe has a way of course correcting, he can't keep Charlie alive forever, so that's a bit sad, but luckily we learn the epic story of Jack's tattoos, that's enough brilliant storytelling to compensate for killing a great character. That was about 14 clauses. Damn I'm good. Also, Sun is preggers and a woman called Naomi parachutes on the island and they contact her boat and everyone's all cheery. For a while. If only you knew, people...

Coolest new characters: Juliet! My favourite female character. She's so mysterious and you can't quite figure her out. I like her soft voice and how she walks so awkwardly. Also good old Ricardo aka Richard is introduced, but I was never a fan, really.

Coolest storylines: Charlie's approaching death. Juliet trying to fit in and earn the camp's trust. Also, I liked how it became even clearer, that Sun is the evil one in her and Jin's marriage. Jin was always just a bit unlucky.

Coolest foreshadowings: "You're not my type", says Tom to Kate. Well, we know who is by the end of next season... + "They'll be fine... for a while", says Boone is John's druggy vision, regarding Claire and Charlie. They weren't so fine by the at of the season anymore... Also, the name 'Jacob' is mentioned for the first time, though we are still a long way from finding out who he is (did we ever, really?). Time Travel is introduced for the first time this season. I don't know if that counts for foreshadowing, but anyway. And Dharma van and Roger, though their secret is revealed already within the season.

Coolest character developments: Charlie, I must say. How he began to change after he heard he was going to die. (Also, Tom Friendly has gone all mushy wushy. He was so scary last season. He looked like a werewolf when we first met him. Seriously, that was my first impression. Shame he died.)

The "...meh" moments of the season: Well, you know. Stranger in a Strange Land. It's just so embarrassingly LAME. Also after three seasons of "Everyone of us is gonna die!" threaths, they kind of start to lose their power. Yeah yeah, so we're all gonna die again, who cares? That's the third time this week.

The "OMGSFRgtrh"#¤#T%TY!!!11" moments of the season: "No matter what I try to do... you're gonna die, Charlie." Ooh, that sure made my heart skip a beat or two... + "I'm your father, Claire."  Jack and Claire are RELATED?? Lost went all Bold and the Beautiful. Also, Jonh's dad pushing him from an eigth-storey window. Ouch. And when Naomi told they've found the plane and there were no survivors. And finally, the purge, Ben killing his father in a flashback and right after that shooting John and abandoning him in that ditch with dead Dharma folk.

The "WHAT-THE-F..." moments of the season: Room 23 and that brainwashing video. Creepy stuff. + Everything that Mrs. Hawking talks about, like men with red shoes and destiny... + Jacob's cabin, and everything that happened there, the 'Help me' and the mayhem afterwards. + Taller ghost Walt. And finally, the last scene of the season. "We have to go back!" Didn't see that coming...

The "snifsnif" moments of the season: Juliet and her sister, Rachel - their goodbyes, and when Juliet sees Rachel and her nephew from screen. I so much wanted Juliet to get back home to them... And then, the true tear jerker moments: Charlie's Greatest Hits (Helsinki, whoo! We're famous! Now everyone in the world knows that Finland equals North Pole and that every woman in Finland has a blond hair...). Charlie saying goodbye to Aaron and Claire. Des offrering to sacrifice himself instead of Charlie. Charlie knocking Des unconcious. Charlie's shoe floating towards the surface as he dives to the Looking Glass. Charlie's death. Oh, the tears streams. That's a tie for the saddest death with that one double death on the final season...

The "HAHAHAHAHA" moments of the season: Sawyer celebrating winning the fish biscuit and Tom being a killjoy by saying: "Only took the bears two hours." + Kate: "You expect me to work on this dress?" An Other man: "You can take it off if you want." Sawyer: (grinning suggestively at Kate, getting a bad look from her and then saying "angrily" to the Other) "...How dare you." + Charlie pissing John off when he's temporarily mute: "You wanna talk to trees? Yeah, I've heard they're wonderful conversationalists." Haha... He kind of had it coming. + Charlie to John as he's about to enter the CGI polar bear's cave: "Hairspray? Now I hate to be the one to point this out to you..." + Hurley offering one of his shirts to Des, whose clothes the hatch blew off: "How do you feel about tie dye?" + Hurley, Charlie and "Dezzie" getting pissed with MacCutcheon. + Jin's Korean ghost story and boys' night out. And how Hurley is such a terrible liar: Sawyer: "What are you doing?" Hurley: "...What are YOU doing?" S: "Taking a leak." H: "....So are we."

Tricia Tanaka Is Dead is the funniest episode of Lost, so here's an entire paragraph dedicated to that. Jin "volunteering" to help Hurley with the van. + Hurley and Jin communicating: Hurley yelling: "I UNDERSTAND", and Jin looking a bit 'wtf?'. + Hurley explaining the word 'crafty': to be good at crafts. + Sawyer returns from the imprisonement and goes rage to Hulrey about his missing stuff: "Where the hell is my...??" Hurley: "Dude!" And then he hugs him. + Hurley's optimism: "It's OK. Jack's gonna be okay. We all are." And Sawyer, sarcastically: "Well what a relief." + Sawyer doing 'Bottoms up' with 'Skeletor' and teaching Jin English: "I'm sorry. You were right. Those pants do not make you look fat." And this is one of the funniest dialogues of all time: Sawyer: "What's your problem, Jumbo Tron?" Hurley: "Shut up, red... neck... man." Sawyer: "Touché." What a hilarious scene, haha. Oh, and one from Hurley's flashback: Hugo's mom, the awesome Carmen Reyes covers the ears of a golden Jesus statue ("That's one hell of a Jesus", like Hugo's dad says) and whispers: "I have needs."

The "awwwwww" moments of the season: Kate learning Sawyer's real name after they share the kiss and Sawyer gets beaten up, and Sawyer says Kate tastes like strawberries (NO WAY! She hasn't brushed her teeth in a week!). After they have some steamy sex, Sawyer asks if she meant it when she earlier said she loved him. Kate kisses him. Sawyer utters, sounding quite casual and careless: "I love you too." + Sawyer and Karl and the guy talk. + Day-seizing with Charlie and Claire (before things got in the way, of course). + Claire's bird message: "Don't give up on us." + Hurley tricking Sawyer into making amends. It's wonderfully awkward as Sawyer tries to be nice to Claire. + Hurley holding the broken satellite phone by his ear and saying: "Mum?" + Des meets Pen. That's what you call love at first sight, people! + Charlie's goodbyes to Hurley: "Just remember I love you man." "Yeah, whatever, I love you too." + Rose: "Say it again." Bernard: "I am a dentist. I am not Rambo." And yeah, every sight of John's red little car makes me go aww. I want a car like that.

The "WHOO! Kick ass!" moments of the season: Sawyer getting even with Danny by throwing him against the fish biscuit machine and electrocuting him. + Hurley winning Sawyer in ping pong. + Hurley charging to the beach with the van and saving the day. And of course this kick-ass line by Rose: "If you say 'Live together, die alone' to me, Jack, I'm gonna punch you in the face." However, it doesn't get more kick-ass that this. Sayid is a killer machine, even with his hands tied.

The moments I can't fit under any other category but want to mention anyway because they are simply awesome: Jack: "So you're a doctor, huh?" Juliet: "No, I'm a repo woman." Touché... + Ben showing Sawyer they are on another island and quoting Of Mice and Men ("Don't you read?"). + Eko's final 'confession' on the gorgeous field of red flowers: "I ask for no forgiveness. For I have not sinned. I have only done what I needed to do to survive." And then he is SMOKIED. +  Des the Monk. 'Brother' just got a whole new meaning... + The ultimate Sawyer vs. Sawyer showdown. It was a great, great moment, and sad, too. And Sawyer, or should he be called James now, is so confused afterwards. What to do after you've done what you've been aiming for all your life? + John has Ben all figured out: "You are the man behind the curtain. The wizard of Oz. And you're a liar." You got that right, John...

A few more random but ever so awesome quotes: Yeah, yeah, I added a category. Again. Although I shoudn't have. Well, shame on me. There are just too many cool quotes without a proper place! Sawyer: "Don't blame me just because you were stupid enough to fall for the old Wookie prisoner gag. + Kate: "Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is going on." + John: "You have electricity." Ben: "We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel in a secret underground lab." + Hurley to Des: "No offense, dude, but as far as superpowers go, yours is kinda lame." + Sawyer about the ping pong table: "If we don't play every 108 minutes, the island's gonna explode." + Naomi to Jack: "What did you do for living before you became Moses?" + Juliet when Sawyer asks what the runway is built for: "The aliens."

Dumbest Jack moment of the season: Can I just say Stranger in a Stranger Land? Well, that's more like the Dumbest Lost Moment... Jack's also a real jackass in the flachbacks of The Tale of Two Cities, accusing his father for having an affair with his ex-wife. Right, Jack...

Funniest Sawyer nickname of the season: Captain Bunnykiller. There's just something about Ben and bunnies. Also, International House of Pancakes referring to Hurley (that's mean, yeah, but quite imaginative, I must say!) and Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon (=Sun and Jin, of course).

Best opening: The Tale of Two Cities, the season opening. Whaaat, I can't find it on Youtube?? Well, you know the scene. If you don't, here's a short reminder: Juliet, Petunia Clark's Downtown, book club, the plane breaks apart in the air, and we see Ethan and Ben ("So I guess I'm out of the book club.") and Goodwin and realize that holy crap, the Others live in civilised, idyllic, cute little houses!

Best endings: The Glass Ballerina: after Ben intrtoduces himself "honestly" to Jack ("I've lived on this island all my life." My ass you have...) he proves that they do have contact to the outside world. Cool. Also, Par Avion: for a moment is really looks like they've brainwashed poor Jack. And Exposé... Chilling, or what? And Through the Looking Glass, of course.

Best special feature: The Lost Book Club.

Best of the Blooper Reel: Dominic Monaghan in his element once again: kissing Jorge's arm, and being oh so adorable in so many other ways, too. Elizabet Micthell's awesome laughter ("I feel like Darth Vader!"). + "Open the door, Jacob, that's not funny." + "Jumbo Tron, Jumbo Tron..." + "NOT EVERY NOOK AND GRANNY JOHN!" "Good god, Holmes!" + Tom Friendly running.

Best episodes: Flashes Before My Eyes, because Desmond is awesome and everything he does is awesome. + Exposé. Some say it's a Filler with a capital F and the only good thing about it is that Nikki and Paula are finnished off, but I quite like it. It sure is different and it's cool we get to revisit all those iconic moments and locations, like the crash site and Boone asking for a pen. And all those clever lines like "We all know what happens to guest stars" and "Promise we never end up like them (Boone and Shannon)" and the part with the Beachcraft: "Go up there!" "No way, it's gonna fall." Also, Greatest Hits is awesome. The finale is not bad, either. It has a cool title, at least.

The questions I wanted aswered but they never were: Why was John wet after blowing up the submarine? I seemed like it had a purpose, but I suppose they gave that storyline up... And Jacob's cabin... I'm still not quite sure what was going on there.

The quote to summarize season 3: "We're not the enemy. But if you shoot me, that's exactly what we'll become."

Overall how it felt like to watch season 3 again: Better than I expected it would! Season three is supposedly the 'worst' season, and I was prepared for making a real effort, but I enjoyed pretty much every episode and never got stuck! I especially had doubts about the early episodes, like The Glass Ballerina, Further Instructions (it is the weakest John-centric, though. But is has a cool opening (it also has the longest 'Previously on Lost' section ever...), and Eddie is cute. And Boone.), The Cost of Living and I Do, but I ended liking them all more than earlier, even I Do. The flashbacks are quite girly and sweet, which is uncharacterictic for Kate, but it's refrreshing, as it's not that same old 'Kate on the run' scenario all over again (though she is on the run). Also, watching Paulo and Nikki is so much more fun and less painful now, knowing they won't stick around for long... So, overall, season 3 was a pleasant surprise! Though I will once again miss Charlie.

What's next: Well, apparently there's a freighter floating somewhere nearby, so I guess they'll come and save the day. Or not. Anyway, I don't have too pleasant memories of season 4, either, so we'll se what happens... At least it'll bring me the The Constant.

(Damn, writing these posts is exhausting... My fingers are half-dead.)


Harri said...

Oh, you watch these way too fast! My Sopranos-marathon is moving on sloooooowly, I can't find time for watching it. :D

Nice (and long) post! All those little moments you list make me want to watch Lost again, damn. :D

And yeah, Flashes Before My Eyes is one of the best Lost-episodes ever, I remember how surprised and confused I was when we were watching it with my sister. Exposé is one of the highlights of the season too, I don't miss Nikki or Paolo but their ending was quite...rude, but cool!

Btw I think season 4 is great, definetily better than third season.

Eeva said...

Haha, yeah, I know I watch these too fast. And I know these posts are long ;D There's just so many cool little things I can't make myself leave out!

I don't know what it is about me and season 4. I just don't feel too fond of it, though it has some pretty awesome episodes! Well, we'll see if I change my mind about it this time.

And good luck finding time for that marathon of yours! :)

M-link / Marja said...

Argh! I have to skip over these LOST -posts 'cause I stopped watching the show during it's fourth season. Now I'm trying to find some time to watch it. Maybe it'll make more sense, if I'll try to make a matarhon of it :).

Eeva said...

Ooh, good luck with that! :) It's really worth it!... Some might argue, but I persistently think it is. ;)