Oct 5, 2010

Everyone's favourite Kate + some catching up

The lovely, lovely Kate Winslet has a birthday today! I usually don't bring up people's birthdays, but since I've been starving my blog for a few days now, I thought this could be a nice excuse to write a post. And she really is quite lovely, isn't she? I could make a habbit of just posting a random picture of Kate Winslet on the days I have nothing else to say. Yeah, she's lovely. Happy birthday, birthday girl!

Also, I added the most popular lables to the sidebar and apparently I talk too much about Lost. Nah, well, soon I've said everything I have to say about the sublject, and then I'll probably shut up for a while. Anyway, the Complete Marathon is going quite well, I'm two episodes away from finishing season 3! Looks like the more school work I have, the more Lost I watch. Makes sense, really.

The last book in The Hunger Games trilogy is also almost finished. Well, there's still a hundred and something pages left but I think I'll wait for tomorrow night and then dig in for the last time. Wow. Why do good books end so soon? ... Maybe because they are good? Duh.

This post is starting to look like a news broadcast of my life, so I might as well keep going:

I'm currently working on a massive post about my favourite actor and I'm putting a bit too much time and energy on it, but since it's not just a favourite, but THE favourite, it's only fair that I do.

Today I wrote a causal analysis on 3D movies and I can tell you it's one of the crappiest texts I've written in a while.

I also tried to learn French by listening to one of those educational CDs while I was cooking lasagna, and my French upstairs neighbours were singing Beatles very loudly and not very well, and I thought about turning the volume up and really pissing them off, but I didn't.

I think French is really difficult.

I'm looking forward to Saturday and a friend+boyfriend's housewarming party (they've lived in the flat for five months now, but who cares) and I could gladly just skip the rest of the week and jump straight to that. Motivation, where are you?

That concludes our broadcast tonight. (Isn't it great to sometimes write shamelessly beside the point? Speaking of which, we got an unusually cool assignment at school - to sit in a cafe or some other public place for 45 minutes and just... write. That'll be, eh, interesting, I'm sure...)

EDIT // I just got a kick out of this... If Facebook existed years ago. Haha. "Oh it'll be a killer alright."


Anonymous said...

Lovely Kate ;O)
BUT, I have to comment the Lost quote of the day, about the satellite phone that's not working...saved my quite miserable day...

Harri said...

Hah, great post about...plenty of little things!

Oui, le français est une langue difficile (or something like that). I've been studying it couple of courses now, at least it's challenging enough...:D

Hmh...your favourite actor..hmh...maybe Robert Downey Jr.? ;)

And yeah, happy birthday to Kate!

Eeva said...

Mikaela: Team Hurley & Charlie are quite cabable of saving any day, no matter how miserable. :)

Harri: I just began a French basics course, and damn, I've got a long way to go before I can create even a sentence like that! The spelling itself doesn't really make any sense to me :D

It's not RDJ, actually, though you'd think so! I haven't really written much about this guy so far, don't know why. I guess it's more like silent admiration or something :D

Harri said...

Hah, it's hard but I looove the read French out loud (only when I'm home alone), it's nice to sound almost-cool. :D And after couple of courses I can almost see some logic in the language!

Oh really, not RDJ? :D Can't wait...

Pia said...

Just a quess,maybe that mysterious man could be...River Phoenix? ;)

Eeva said...

Harri: Me too! :D It's fun to really exaggarate the pronounciation and sound like a complete idiot.

Pia: Another good guess, but wrong again! We go way back with my Mr. X... ;)

(I wasn't supposed to be this mysterious, but well, this guessing game is quite fun :D)

Pia said...

No hö.
Can't wait to see that post!! :D

Harri said...

Yeah, we are waiting eagerly! (...I can almost see our hands shaking and hear the exciting drumming sound in the background. That's gonna be The post we've been waiting for years and years!)

Yeah, but seriously, I'm lookin forward to it. :D

Eeva said...

:D:D Maybe I should start posting little clues every day, like the day of his birth or a picture of his ear and promise a prize for the one who knows the answer first! Let's make an event out of this! That drumming sound must be included of course!

...Oh man, you guys are going to be so disappointed when I finally finish the post, and you see how boring it actually is ;D I mean no it's not it's awesome! ... Anyway.


Leena said...

Mulla olisi hyvä arvaus lempinäyttelijästä! Mitä saan palkinnoksi, jos arvaan oikein?

P.S. Miten sä maltoit luopua vanhasta puhelimesta!? Vai saitko kuvat jotenkin talteen?

Eeva said...

Leena, sua ei hyväksytä mukaan arvauskisaan, sori vaan. ;D Ja oli vähän pakko luopua vanhasta puhelimesta kun akku loppui joka kerta kun yritti kirjottaa viestiä tai soittaa tai tehdä ylipäärään mitään... Kuvat on tallessa. Etenkin se yksi.