Oct 20, 2010

Case 39 (2009) - ...right, that's why I don't like horror

directed by Christian Alvart / starring Renée Zellweger, Jodelle Ferland, Bradley Cooper

Okay, so I decided I'd push some boundaries today. I wouldn't see a drama or a comedy or even a comedic drama, I'd see something completely out of my comfort zone instead. So, horror it was! Though Case 39 is quite thriller-y, it was still scary. And it was a great reminder why I don't watch movies that are scary.

My experiences of horror are pretty much confined to "bad scary movies" you watch with a group of friends. You know, when someone says, "hey, let's go rent a bad scary movie!", they really mean bad. That's how I like them a - nice simple plot, amusingly lousy CGI, and a couple of good scares, but not so much that you can't laugh at it the minute it ends and say "man, that was one crappy scary movie". In my wilder days I even saw Ring 2 and Grudge in cinema, but honestly, today I'd say no to such opportunity. Yeah, please call me a sissy!

I'm not talking about scary movies because Case 39 was a traumatic experience or something - it wasn't, and I'll probably sleep quite well tonight. I'm just talking about them because I've never had the chance before, obviously, as I rarely watch any, and when I do, they are even more rarely worth writing about. But as I'm currently stepping out of that safe, comfortable box of mine, here's a post about a scary movie!

Case 39 is about a social worker, Emily, who saves a girl from an abusive family and becomes her guardian. Emily clearly hasn't seen enough movies to know that the innocent, sweet, silent ones are always the worst. And what do you know, it turns out she got a bit more than she bargained for with the cute little Lillith.

I don't really know if I like Renée Zellweger. She's awesome in Chicago, but on the other hand, I can't stand Bridget Jones. Bradley Cooper is quite hot. I never really understood what everyone was fussing about, but I'm beginning to. Jodella Ferland was very good! Creepy. I think it's always amazing when a child actor manages to be that creepy.

There was obviously a lot of similarities to The Orphan. The scenario was exactly the same: a negleted girl arriving to a new family. The Orphan did it better, I think. I actually liked the movie a lot, a lot more than I usually do when it comes to films of this genre. Anyway, there are a massive amount of scary movies with children as the source of horror, and I've got to admit, they are always quite effective. There's just something about those seemingly innocent little people seeing and hearing and talking weirds thing and turning into killers and stuff. Always so cheery.

Case 39 was an okay film, I guess. I bit ridiculous, but yeah, I had to hide behind my fingers at times and cover my ears (for some reason, the voices are always the most scary thing for me) and I did jump pretty badly a couple of times. But in the end, it didn't give me much more than a couple of jumpy hours - and a confirmation that horror just isn't my thing.

(And yet, the new adventurous me would like to know if there's a horror film YOU think I really should see! I'm open to suggestions, even if there's a risk I might pee in my pants...)

"Everybody has fears... now, what scares you?"


Marja said...

I also belong to the sissy-club. I simply can't watch horror flicks, but I do go to themoviespoiler.com -site and read the movie narratives from there :).

Eeva said...

It's good to be a sissy. ;) That site sounds handy! It's up to your imagination how scary it becomes :D

Anonymous said...

I wrote a post about horror movies a while ago, Päivi from Elokuvablogi is going through that list ;O) Maybe you should too? The post is here..

Eeva said...

Yippee, thanks a lot! I thought I might get a tip or two from you. ;) That's a great post and I got many adds to my must see -list! And my must see AGAIN -list, too. :D I think I could be in the mood for The Village again...