Oct 17, 2010

For IMDb is a jolly good fellow!

It's IMDb's 20th anniversary today! The Internet Movie Database has been my homepage since forever. It's like my unholy bible - it's always right and it knows everything, and if it doesn't, I don't have to know it either. For some history and other interesting facts, here is a letter from Col Needham, the founder of IMDb.

Without further cheesy words, congrats to my favourite page in the World Wide Web. I'm still very fond of you, even though the new actor pages are not as good as before, and you've began to speak Finnish (keep your damn 'Sovitus' and 'Leijonakuningas', I want my Atonement and The Lion King back!).

PS. Sorry for the silent treatment! I had an unusual weekend, meaning I was away from my dear laptop. We are extremely happy to be back together, the separation was hard on both of us!


Pia said...

"Turhista" sivuista todellakin käytetyin, ja kutakuinkin päivittäin, edes etusivun vilkaisun verran.
Uus ulkoasu on kyllä vähän köppänä, mutta menettelee, tosin suomennokset olis tosiaan voinu jättää pois, niistä kun yleisimmin ei muutenkaan saa kuin harmaita hiuksia :D

Marja said...

I'm so with you on this! IMDB is the best thing that has ever happened to the World Wide Web. Also agree that the site should go back to the old layout. Me no likey :(.

But what the heck. As long as I get my daily fix of nonsense tirivia/facts from the site, I'm willing to forgive quite a lot.

Eeva said...

Pia: Etusivun uutiset tulee kyllä päivittäin luettua, pysyypä ajantasalla. ;) Vanhaa ulkoasua vähän kaipaan mutta kaipa kaikkeen tottuu... mutta suomennoksia en kyllä niele noin vain!

Marja: Haha, I'm also quite forgiving when it comes to IMDb... They have to ruin a lot more for me to stop visiting them million times a day.