Sep 10, 2010

No toy gets left behind... not even on the second watch

Today I heroically sacrificed 10 € and my Friday night to accompany my friends in cinema, where Toy Story 3 happened to be playing. Hmm, weird, right? Anyway. Aaah, dear, I love that movie! It was the dubbed version, but it actually worked pretty well in Finnish, too. Though Mr Pricklepants wasn't as funny without that posh accent. After the film we went to buy a bag of chips and put my Toy Story 2 DVD on. Haha. I think I'll watch the first one tomorrow.

So, I haven't been watching that many films recently (except for certain films about certain toys), because Lost has taken most of my time. But I'll report back to you when I... have something to report.

PS. Tomorrow I'll finally get to put my Buzz straw into action! Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! It'll be a, eh, lively night. (My neighbours are apparently having one right now...)

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