Sep 21, 2010

Locke and load!

Praise the Creator, you fans of Lost! The latest news is, J.J. Abrams is planning a new show starring Michael Emmerson and Terry O'Quinn. So maybe we haven't yet seen the last of those memorable Locke/Ben moments we got to enjoy for many seasons! Just think about these guys playing ex-spies together...? Needless to say, I'm really hoping they actually make this show. It would be one of the coolest things ever on TV, no doubt. Get Josh Holloway and Ken Leung to guest-star and that's it, I'm in heaven!


Harri said...

Okey, wow! This is the best thing since...hmh...since Lost ended maybe? :D Just watching those two great actors sit and talk would be awesome but when J.J. Abrams is behind this it will be pure awesome awesomely awesomeness.

I really hope this will actually air on TV some day!

Anonymous said...

I adore J.J.Abrams, he can do no wrong. Have you seen his Super 8 -movie trailer??!!
Looks like my kind of movie ;O)

Eeva said...

Harri: I'm keeping all of my fingers and toes up, hoping this isn't just talk... Please please please make it happen!

Mikaela: Oh, wow. That was really a TEASER trailer in the deepest sense of the word!