Sep 18, 2010


First - I'm still very much alive and so is my blog, despite the lack of posts this week. My freetime has been mostly controlled by Lost (I need to get a move on, season 6 dvd box set is less than a month away...), The Hunger Games (they got me, too, finally), Pokémon (...yeah. I'll come back to this some time) and hangover some films I haven't really felt inspired writing about. Anyway.

Second - the IMDb Hit List always provides us with some pretty interesting links to articles and interviews and art work and such. This time I spotted these. Star Wars propaganda posters! These are cool. I remember seeing many real propaganda posters in the Imperial War Museum in London and it's easy to see the resemblence. Here's two of my favourites. (I think it's been too long since my last SW marathon... I just have too many marathons waiting to be on my schedule.)

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