Jan 1, 2013

2012: New Year resolution review

The deal was this. I'm going to wrap the thing up very bluntly. Some might be offended by my bluntness, as these are quite big films we're talking about, and I'm just going to bash some of them with no elaborations.

I'm going to give stars from one to five, according to the level of pain and/or boredom that watching each film caused me. One star being an enjoyable watching experience and five stars being a total nightmare (I probably fell asleep or started cutting my toenails to pass the time and get it over and done with). I'm wonderfully confusing, am I not?


JanuaryAnnie Hall (1977) ** Probably kind of liked it, don't exactly remember. I really can't tell if I'm thinking of this film or Manhattan, because I saw them both around the same time, and I'm probably mixing them up in my head. Anyway, still not a fan of Woody Allen.

February: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) *** I don't know. I have sort of positive memories about this film, but it didn't leave a lasting impression of anything. I like Washington, though.

MarchApocalypse Now (1979) ***** Well, I had to give five agony stars to some film, and when I think about it, this was be most boring watching experience I remember from this year. (This was the bluntness I was talking about.) I didn't get it, at all.

AprilChinatown (1974) **** Not really much more joyful experience than March (although I actually saw this in November, but never mind). I don't remember what was up, probably was too bored to concentrate.

MayBraveheart (1995) **** It was Mel Gibson killing stuff and faking an accent. I guess for some people that's a joyful movie watching experience, but not for me.

JuneBack to the Future (1985) * So good! I want to see some sequels. And a remake, please. This was the black sheep this year, as I'm not supposed to like these New Year resolution films this much. The point is that it's painful.

JulyTaxi Driver (1976) *** Not nearly as annoying as I expected! I thought this would be more like that horrible Scarface, but it wasn't actually half bad. I never knew he's talking to a mirror when he says "You talkin' to me". Just like Kick-Ass in Kick-Ass! (Yeah, I know, I'm a real loser, comparing Taxi Driver to Kick-Ass, when I should be comparing Kick-Ass to Taxi Driver, because I'm pretty sure that Taxi Driver came first and they were actually referring to it in Kick-Ass. Oh well, you know me.)

AugustNorth by Northwest (1959) *** Again, at times quite fun and not-that-boring-at-all, but still, it wasn't all joy. Got boring towards the end.

SeptemberMetropolis (1927) ** Quite interesting and quite cool! I just love me some silent films once in a while.

OctoberVertigo (1958) ** I'd say I liked it slightly more than the previous Hitchcock. San Francisco is lovely.

NovemberFrom Here to Eternity (1953) *** It's like Pearl Harbor! Without most of the cheese. It was a fine movie, I just got annoyed by the super masculine men and super feminine women.

DecemberIt Happened One Night (1934) * A good old romcom! Literally. It's a romantic comedy that is good and old. It started dragging a bit in the end, but I really did enjoy myself a lot, especially during the first half.


Marja said...

Well this was a fun list, tho' it took a little time for my brain to adjust to your "star system" :).

I absolutely ADORE It Happened One Night! I also saw it this year and was pleasantly surprised, because I'm not a very big Gable fan.

Eeva said...

Haha, yeah, I thought I'd mix it up a little, instead of giving stars as they're usually given. ;)

IHON was definitely a pleasant surprise! I'd imagine it might have been quite a forerunner those days, it certainly has a sort of modern feel to it. But not too much, of course!