Feb 7, 2012

The world will indeed be watching

If you like epic, and I do, there is a lot to look forward to.

The newest Hunger Games trailer came out some days ago. Still looking extremely good, still getting tremendous goosebumps, still not enough Haymitch. But Stanley Tucci, ah! And I'm starting to be very convinced that Lenny Kravitz will rock the role of Cinna, so shut up, haters.

Super Bowl also gave us another teaser of the upcoming Avengers. Whoa! Just, whoa! I mean... whoa! It's going to be simply... whoa! And my patriotic little fangirl heart is pounding very excitedly for Captain America. There's just something about those stars and stripes... and abs...

I haven't been too stoked about The Amazing Spider-Man, but the new trailer is beginning to tickle my fancy a bit. Good old Andrew will of course rock my world, no doubt about that, but also, it seems darker and more complex than the Tobey Maguire fun rides. P.S. I'm hoping Emma Stone will have something proper to do, besides being the damsel in distress.


Reta said...

OH, Haymitch was one of my favourites when I read the books.

Eeva said...

Yeah, mine too! The character is both funny and tragic, and he makes a great team with Katniss. I'd say Harrelson will do a pretty good job with him!