Feb 27, 2012

Watching the 84th Academy Awards

22:43 HAS IT REALLY BEEN ANOTHER YEAR? Jeez! Well, Oscar night is here again and I'm ready to face the botox and the disappointments. Haha. I've been sick all week (my week off, naturally), and I'm still not completely at my best state of staying up all night long. I will definitely needs some doping here. My sinuses hurt. Haha. Really! Also, I'm watching the Oscars alone this year, because all of my potential companions are unavailable. This is why I decided to blog my way through the night. This should be interesting. And even though I'm watching alone, I have food for at least two people. Got a little excited there...

This year I'll be looking at both the front and the insides of Kodak theatre extra carefully. (I heard Kodak declared bankruptcy just recently, so the home of the Oscars is not actually called Kodak theatre anymore; it's the Hollywood and Highlands Center. Whatever. It's still Kodak theatre for me.) I actually took a tour inside the theatre when visiting LA last fall. It was awesome! It'll also be awesome to watch the gala and keep an eye for seat fillers, while George Clooney sneaks out to the bar every ten minutes. He does that. It's a fact! I've got reliable sources! Meaning our tour guide. Haha.

An hour before the broadcast begins. Better go prepare the pizza, and get some caffeine and medicine in my system. This could be a looooong night...

23:50 Pizza, cookies, grapes, pineapple, tea, check. Tissues, check. No, they're for my nose, not for my eyes. I'm not planning on being quite that sentimental. I am very disappointed in the sweetness level of my pineapple. Usually I'm a master in picking a good, sweet, insanely delicious pineapple, but my foolproof trick failed. Anyways. I'm ready to go now!

00:00 Aaaaaaand we're on! Is it mean to say that I'm happy Maria Vietola is pregnant so she's not a commentator this year?

00:04 Aw, Hollywood. Kodak theatre. Americans. I feel all warm and fuzzy.

00:08 That blond lady never seems to get older... Ugh.

00:14 Is that the Babe farmer? Aw!

00:17 There's a Hard Rock Cafe right next to the Kodak theatre. Couldn't tell. And anyways, the place we see now is nothing like the place I visited in October. Where are all the tourists and the rubbish and the people trying to push brochures on your face and sell you stuff? (It's been twenty minutes and I'm so full I feel sick. Way to go...)

00:58 I want some staaaaaaars. I'm worried RDJ is not attending this year.

01:12 Wow, the last name of The Artist director! I want him to win so someone can beautifully screw up with that.

01:18 Aw, poor Melissa McCarthy with her voice almost gone! A lovely dress, by the way.

01:26 Jessica Chastain! Aw, love her and love the dress! I'm sounding like one of those commentators. Bad.

01:36 I always forget that George Clooney is a charmer. I'll go, "Nah, I don't really get the fuss about him", and then he shows up in a tux and opens his mouth and I'll scream with the rest of the females...

01:41 Haha, I so agree with the Finnish commentators, on what they said about the American commentators. "Get the Oscar app, it's SO AWESOME!" P.S. Oooh, Viola Davis! Some color!

01:49 Michelle Williams! More color!

02:07 Maya Rudolph is awesome. And Octavia Spencer, lovely... I didn't make up my mind about Rooney Mara yet. The dress, I mean.


02:21 Emma Stone! I love you! Jessica Chastain just got some competition! I'm unfair, because I just noticed I judge the dresses on the basis of the people.

02:35 Oscar moms. Aww.

02:41 I love Tina Fey's bun! Speaking of love... Colin Firth and the accent have arrived!

02:45 Jean Dujardin, quite the charmer. He loves cinnamon rolls. He speaks French. He kissed her on the hand. Oh, oui, moi is going to faint!

02:56 Penelope Cruz is kind of a goddess.

03:04 Gwyneth Paltrow has a weird cape. And a weird ponytail. I bet you a million dollars the commentators will love her look. (They did.) Oh but I saw a picture of Meryl Streep and she looks so lovely in gold! And Natalie Portman oh my gosh!!! Cute as a button!

03:13 Brad Pitt shaved. Good boy. This brings back some sweet teenage memories. He's still pretty damn hot. Sandra Bullock, beautiful! I have a feeling I love pretty much everyone this year...

03:17 Oh my god, I've climbed those stairs! They were made specifically for high heels. It's absurd that I've climbed those stairs, really...

03:20 And holy shit, I've actually been inside that hall... Way up in the upper circle. There was Cirque de Soleil set on the stage back then. Again, freakishly absurd...

03:23 Tom Hanks is always such a sweetheart.

03:26 Almost ready for the real deal! Wohoo!

03:31 Man, can we just listen to Morgan Freeman talk for three hours straight...

03:36 Ok, a pretty nice opening. But I wanted a musical number.

03:37 AND I GOT IT! (Maybe not epic like Huge Jackman some years back, but still.)

3:43 First award, cinematography, goes to Hugo. The guy's right, it is weird to put cinematography first. Art direction goes to... Hugo. Good start for Hugo.

03:53 Lovely little tribute. To a kind of a miscelleneus sample of movies. Um.

03:56 Costume design goes to... The Artist! Yay! Makeup... Iron Lady. Haven't seen it, but I have seen Meryl Streep in that makeup. So yay.

4:00 It's unfair that people remember what  the first movie they saw was.

04:05 Foreign film. Sandra Bullock speaks "Chinese". Haha. A Separation. I've heard it's really good.

04:09 Actress in a supporting role. This was one of the toughest categories for me to choose a favourite. I want Berenice Bejo to win! And Octavia Spencer! And Jessica Chastain! And Melissa McCarthy! If I'd seen Albert Nobbs I'd probably want the fifth one to win, too. Well, Spencer it is, as expected, and very much deserved. Standing ovation! She's crying, so sweet. Haha, she's freaking out! Haha, awesome.

04:24 Editing goes to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Hurray! A surprise, actually, but a welcome one. "Let's get out of here." Hahahah... Ok, it's pretty obvious they didn't see it coming. Sound editing goes to Hugo. "Hugo." "No, Hugo." You go. Haha. The speeches are nice and short and funny this year. Sound editing. Still don't get the difference between these two. Well, Hugo it is.

04:30 You know, that stage is actually so small. Like, tiny. It is.

04:34 Oh no, Muppets. I never got the Muppets. They're kind of creepy.

04:39 Wow, that Cirque de Soleil thing was nice. We actually would've gone to see the show while we were in LA, but it wasn't playing that week, dang it.

04:41 RDJ IS HEREEEEEEE!!!!!!!! OMG he is hot. HOT. Smokiiiiiiin'. I prefer him with Jude Law, but Gwyneth goes, too. Aw, don't go away. Stay there all night, please. Marry me. Marryyyy meeeeee. Oh, best documentary went to some documentary. I missed it. I was looking at RDJ. Undefeated. RDJ went away. :( (This was the second time ever that I used a smiley in my blog. The first time was in the post about The Social Network, when I though Armie Hammer had such a hilarious name it could only be expressed with a lot of :D's.)

04:45 "If you're a black man you can play a donkey or a zepra." Chris Rock, haha. Best animation. Haven't seen any of these. So I can't say anything. But I can say that next year this Oscar goes to Brave. This year... Rango. I don't know what it's about but it seems annoying for some reason.

04:53 I lost RDJ but I got Emma Stone! I'll get over the loss of RDJ now. I love Emma. Visual effects... Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, ok? Please? No? Darn! I checked today, the Harry Potter films have never ever won an Oscar! Not one! Kind of sad. Well, Hugo got this one. Boring. No more awards for Hugo, please.

04:59 Supporting actor goes to... Christopher Plummer. I kind of rooted for Jonah Hill. Just because he's young and all the other are so old! Haha. Is that mean? It is. Age discrimination. Busted. Sorry. But I do want to see Beginners! Oldest actor ever to win an acting Oscar? Yay! Good for you! And that jacket is insanely stylish. "You're only two years older than me, darling, where have you been all my life?" Aw. Haha. He's funny and sweet.

05:10 Loved that "What everyone is thinking" part. Haha. Billy is great. He is so natural. I'd never seen him host before, but it's clear why they keep calling him back.

05:14 Music next. Owen Wilson quoted Charlie Chaplin. Thank you. The Artist! Thank you. That's the way, a-ha, a-ha, I like it.

05:16 Oh no, Will Ferrell. Go away. Best song, the Muppet song. I still don't get the Muppets. I need to pee aaaaall the time. But I don't get a commercial break when I need one.

05:24 Loved how Billy cleaned up after his little mistake. Adapted screen play goes to The Descendants. Original... Woody Allen! Who is not here! Good for him, anyway. I liked that movie a lot, and that's the first time ever I'm saying a thing like that about a Woody Allen film.

05: 38 The Bridesmaids! Go girls. Now all the short stuff which I'm just going to skip because I have no opinions whatsoever. Aw, but the winners of these "lesser" categories are always very sweet and humble. The short animations look fun and cute.

05:45 Oh gee, it's almost 6am and only a few awards left! Time flies, as usually.

05:51 Director next. I'm rooting for the last name most difficult to pronounce. And there goes! Whoo! But Michael Douglas pronounced it just fine. Shame.

05:56 Meryl Streep is just perfect. I want to be Meryl Streep when I grow up.

06:03 Im memoriam.

06:12 I like these clips of actors talking about why they love films. And I like Billy Crystal. And Natalie's dress. Best actor. I really don't know... But I know I want the Frenchman to win. Yes, even over Brad Pitt. I am no teenager anymore, clearly.

06:18 Oh, announce it already... Yay, Jean! Let hear him SPEAK! Wouldn't it be cool if he used just title cards and gestures to give his speech? Well, that was great, too!

06:24 Colin to the stage! Colin to the stage! Ok, leading ladies. Michelle Williams is my favourite, I must say. But Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep and Meryl Streep is perfect. Viola Davis would fully deserve it. Rooney Mara is great, too. And again, had I seen Albert Nobbs... Good thing I'm not making the decisions here! ("We were in Greece. We danced, I was gay and we were happy.") Ok, the Oscar goes to... MERYL! Ah dear, YES!

06:32 Meryl Streep just made me cry. My god. That woman...

06:33 Oh god just one left and they brought Tom Cruise in, oh no, go away..

06:35 Whoa, great montage. Goosebumps. Ok. Here we go... The Artist. Yes. Me happy. And the dog is on the stage.

06:38 Ok. That's that for this year. I'm happy with the results. It was a good show. Enjoyed it a lot. I'll correct all my typos and write some in-depth analysis tomorrow. Now I'll go to bed.

Oh, cinema. How we love you. Over and out.

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