Feb 27, 2012

Oscars 2012: best dresses, best moments and RDJ

I promised some in-depth analysis, but you can't really expect me to keep a promise I made at 7am after staying up all night. Instead, my favourite dresses and moments, in summary.

Favourite dress/look: (I noticed there's no more logic in the way I write that word, favorite, favourite. I have an identity crisis of some sort.) Definitely Jessica Chastain! Surprisingly, many others seems to agree with me. It's not usually the case. Jessica is so lovely, her hair is red, and the dress stood out. Bubbling under Natalie Portman (so cute), Michelle Williams (so her) and Penelope Cruz (so goddess).

Favourite person: RDJ. I was worried I wouldn't get my annual RDJ fix, and I was so happy when he showed up. He wasn't as funny as, say, last year with Jude Law, or as awesomely dressed as, say, the year before with that blue bowtie and the blue sunglasses, but oooh man, he is hot. Hot hot hot. That charisma makes me want build a statue in my bedroom in his honor.

Favorite person, the less biased opinion: Emma Stone. She is just so lovable. And her and Ben Stiller (I don't usually like him) presenting was one of the funniest moments in the show.

Most touching moment: Meryl's speech. Yeah yeah, I teared up. When she talked about looking around the room and seeing her whole life before her eyes, that got me. I don't care if Iron Lady sucks. Meryl is perfect and she needed to be honored at least once more, before she gives up treating us with her suberb performances.

Funniest speech: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo guys, utterly perplexed by their win. How they just looked at each other, and "Let's get out here".

Best grins: Billy Crystal. So, he was a safe choice. So, he hosted in a safe, unsurprising way. But he's a natural and I just love those grins.

Best-looking couple: Natalie Portman and his Benjamin. They're so beautiful it hurts!

Best best picture: Yes! I think The Artist was the best nominee, and I'm glad it won. I didn't get what I wanted last year, so it's only fair I did now. And oh, I just love me some silent films!

Best worst Oscars ever: I read somewhere that the show has been called "the worst Oscars in history". Made me chuckle. Didn't we just get "the worst Oscars in history" last year? Haha. People, people, relax. I find it weird that I always enjoy watching the Oscars (even last year! Even the year before with the boring Martin/Balwin duo!), and then everyone always seem bash them as the worst show ever. And I never really see the difference. (Although yeah, this year's show was more coherent than last year's.) Guess "the best Oscars in history" happened before I was born or interested in this kind of stuff, so I just don't know any better. Who cares! I had, again, a very enjoyable night. Next year can't come too soon.

I can't stop looking at Jessica Chastain and that dress.

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