Mar 13, 2012

My TOP 5 favorite Hunger Games characters

It's been two hundred years since I made a top five. Also, with March 23th only ten days away, it's time to start getting the hype up. It'll be epic! I read the trilogy, again, last month (found myself flickering through the first pages of the first book, and there was no turning back after that). And I just found some new stills from the movie, here. And I also just saw the first actual clip of the movie, here. (Another one with Katniss and Cinna, here.)

All of this is making me very, very excited. I said it before and I'll say it again: It'll be EPIC!

So, my list. As pictures I'll use photos of the movie actors, because, why not? The image I have in my head about these characters can't unfortunately be added to this post - and the image is not actually far from what we have here. Except for Haymitch's hair. But with that I can live with, because the hair grows from (or the wig is attached to) Woody Harrelson's head.

Watch out for spoilers!


5. Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is the heroine of The Hunger Games. I have the tendency to strongly dislike the heroines and heros, especially in stories with a large ensemble of characters. Not with Hunger Games! Granted, I'm not the biggest fan of Katniss. Though in a way, I am. What I mean is, I don't always like her as a person, but I adore her as a character. She is flawed, incredibly flawed, and she knows it. She is not a very nice person, and she is not interested in being liked. She can be very cynical and distrustful. The way she often treats Peeta sometimes makes me furious. So, I'm not the biggest fan of Katniss.

But like I said, as a character she's spectacular. And that's just what the young adult world needed after years of reading about its biggest heroine sighing over how divinely handsome her sparkling boyfriend is. Katniss is a fantastic heroine. It's not only that she's tough, independent, smart, brave and righteous; her flaws make her ten times better as a character. And yeah, I do sometimes hate the way she acts towards Peeta, and other people, too, but I also love that she is not all about cute boys and romance; there are much more important things in her life. And in THG trilogy. And as much I love the romance side of the story, I love this following quote of Katniss's even more. Take that, Twilight. 

"I really can't think about kissing when I've got a rebellion to incite."

4. Finnick Odair

Finnick, ah, Finnick! Like with Johanna, we don't have an official face for Finnick yet. (I'm thinking Armie Hammer, though...) But we know that face will be the most handsome face in all of Panem. The face has eyes the color of the sea, and the face is attached to the most divine body you can imagine. I wonder why Finnick is such a big fan favorite?

Haha, seriously now. Finnick is pretty great. He's such a great comic relief at times, such times when comic relief is otherwise really rare. First he seems like the biggest idiot ever, but he evolves into a great, tragic character. How he interracts with Katniss is great and entertaining; first they just go on mocking and teasing and insulting each other, and later they find that deep connection and tie knots together and stuff. And still mock each other. The death of Finnick was perhaps the most shocking death for me (yeah, much more than, say, Prim's, I never really fell in love with her like I was supposed to...), I can't believe Collins just killed him off like that!

"Want a sugar cube?"

3. Johanna Mason

Catching Fire will apparently be out in November 2013, so we still have a long wait ahead of us before we'll see Johanna Mason on action. (I'm already frustrated that we have to wait for so freaking long! But at least they're not just throwing it together as fast as possible.) I'm excited to see who they'll cast as the outspoken, asskicking Johanna. I don't have anyone special in my mind yet, but I don't want her to be too skinny: she needs to have some booty! This is very important to me, because I love that moment in Mockingjay when Johanna bumps her hips against Gale's. Haha. And one needs some booty to do that properly.

Ahem. Other than the booty scene, I like Johanna because she's kind of a bitch. She says and does most outrageous and brutally honest things. She always brings in an extra spice whenever she's involved. She's made me laugh and cry and cheer. She's potantially the most badass character in the whole series. I think. Actually, I should move her up in the list... Shame it's pretty crowded up there. (Well, I just moved her ahead of Finnick. Sorry, man. (Then I wrote that bit about Finnick and wanted to move him back up again... Agh, I shouldn't make these lists...)

"They can’t hurt me. I’m not like the rest of you. There’s no one left I love."

2. Haymitch Abernathy

Haymitch is not a very nice person. And I guess that's why him and Katniss understand each other so well. Certain moments with Katniss and Haymitch can be counted as the most intense pieces of dialogue in the whole series. Like the time Katniss has a drink with Haymitch after the announcement of the Quater Quell, or when they confront each other about Peeta after he's been taken by the Capitol. Katniss and Haymitch keep no secrets from each other, when it comes to things that suck and can't be told to anyone else because it would hurt them. They are a great, even if unexpected team.

The Hunger Games is of course full of tragic life stories, but Haymitch's has to be in the top five, at least. When he is first introduced, you can't imagine feeling sorry for him, ever, but as his backstory begins to unravel, and you realize what a hellish life he's been leading, you'll forgive him for not caring about anyone and being drunk all the time. Haymitch is a perfect combination of comedy and tragedy!

"And that, my friends, is how a revolution dies."

1. Peeta Mellark

All of these people on the list have been either bitches or drunks or both. Well, bitches and drunks, you have just been beaten by the most good-hearted, kind and caring character in history! Peeta is not just likable. He's lovable! I seriously can't understand how someone can NOT like Peeta. Are there such people? It is very dangerous to write a character who is as flawless and morally virtuous as Peeta is: it's annoying for people when someone, even if only fictional, is so much superior to them. But the way Peeta is written can't annoy anyone. Or so goes my theory.

He is so humble, and comfortable in his own skin and with everyone around him, and he is forgiving and genuine and noble and just, and he always says the right thing, and pretty much every positive thing that can be used to describe a person can be used to describe Peeta. He's just so freaking lovable that you want him to jump out of that book so you can marry him! Only of course he wouldn't, because his heart belongs to Katniss. Damn it.

"Isn’t it strange that I know you’d risk your life to save mine, but I don’t know what your favorite color is?"


Marja said...

I loooove me some Peta. Absolutely my favourite cahracter, but that seems to be the public opinion also. When you described Katniss, you put it well. she is at times so unlikeable, but still a great character in the book. I love her inspite herself.

Ah man! It seems that we've waited this movie for so long and now it's finally (almost/ soon/ just about) here. Yey!

Btw. I've got a small Hunger Games themed contest in my blog, with really, REALLY good chances to win :).

Eeva said...

Yes! Everyone loves Peeta! As they should, of course.

We've really been waiting for ages, and next week it's FINALLY going to happen! I might start hyperventilating...

And I took part in your contest, of course... ;) More to look forward to, this is exciting!

Reta said...

Haymitch! My favourite character. In my opinion THG is not the greatest book series, but Haymitch was really nicely written character.
But I liked Cinna too, and when he disappeared, I didn't want believe it.

Noora said...

Peeta really is the most lovable fictional character ever written! And like you said, there's the danger that usually perfect characters are just simply annoying, but Peeta... You just got to love him!

Can't wait to see the movie! Although the first book wasn't really my favorite and I wasn't quite convinced when I was reading it, it's an interesting story arc. I hope the movie is good but still, I have my doubts: there have been too many disappointments in the past regarding these movies that are based on a book... Well, soon we'll see!

Eeva said...

Reta: I don't know what it is about Cinna, but I never really adored him the way everyone else seem to. It's not that thatI don't like him, I mean, of course I do. Maybe it was the fact that he was too onedimensional, there was no dark side in him, and Katniss only ever had positive feelings towards him. I guess that bored me a little? (Same with Prim, by the way!)

Noora: A WEEK TODAY! I've read a couple of very positive reviews about the movie, it seems like they've nailed it. They say that unlike many recent YA novel movie adaptions (Potter and Twilight, namely), THG stands alone as a movie, and doesn't just work for those who have read the book. Makes me so excited!